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Hi Shannon

Had dinner with KM last night, I can officially say this man is head over heels.  He dotes over  me and treats me  with care and compliments, just so very,  very nice!  Best he has NOT pushed himself onto me at all from an intimacy point, that will come …

He would like to introduce me to his friends at a dinner on Friday.  Then he has asked me to join him in Cape Town when he gets back from the overseas (leaving for 2 weeks on Sat for bus), he wants to introduce me to his two girls at varsity! (That is always a big step when you meet the children, well it is for me!)

He has also asked me to join him, his friends and children to his game farm in December before I go away.  Then he has asked me to clear March and would like me to come with on a skiing trip in Switzerland.

Well …. What can I say. He is  dying to meet my two girls, and my precious grandchildren, I made it abundantly clear that my tiny little family means everything to me, he loved that.  We chatted a hind leg of a donkey!  He treats me 100% like a lady and is certainly hunting big time.

All and all it looks like I have turned the corner, and certainly looks like I might be on the eve of a new beginning, now I know what you mean by real transformation, everything has changed, and I was ready after all my duds and practice even.  Thank you so very, very much for your patience, loving support, motivation and steadfast determination to find the right guys, you are very caring and professional matchmakers, and also friends.  I think it works out to 25 frogs I couldn’t kiss …..… but they were all fabulous charming men of the best calibre. (Except the lawyer from Pretoria, he was creepy)

Regards and very best wishes!


Wow dear BF, this is just the best ever news!!  It sounds divine – what a man!!  Long term plans into next year is music to my ears!!  You are going to really be happy! The best part is all the family involvement – that is a huge step in the right direction! Enjoy every precious moment and look after yourselves and each other – the gift of love is worth more than anything in the world as you know how ‘aloneness’ can eat at the soul despite all life’s rewards! You deserve love!

I truly believe things happen as they should, it is all about timing, and it was your time – and certainly not for lack of trying!!  SEE!  It happens, it takes just one perfect match! Thanks for the compliments though that all our guys you met were great and real gentleman, that is for sure, just sadly not meant for you ….but ONE was and now you are a  very happy and lovely lady!!  We have always been very proud to present you out there, with dedication to our cause!!

PLEASE keep us posted and we wish you much love and light, for always!


Fond Regards