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Gooooooood Morning Shannon!

I hope you are doing well today! I met up with Theresa on Saturday 20th….(the young doctor…) heheheh! We went out for dinner to an awesome Thai restaurant… I have to say this was probably the best date I have been on in my entire life!!! What an awesome woman, and we connected right from the start… She is sexy, gorgeous and smart…..… I enjoyed having a decent and intellectual conversation with someone! We were talking so much that the waiter had to come to us time and again to see if we are ready to order food! Heheheh! Wow! Thank you! You hit the nail on the head this time!!

We are definitely seeing each other again!!!! J

I am very pleased I took the leap and joined Perfect partners, my whole dating experience has been excellent!

Best regards


AWESOME!!!!  that is fantastic dear Eddie, my goodness, but things have progressed well!  You are both lovely people and I am not surprised, and it was a very good match.  I really hope you keep the fires burning and stay in touch (not OTT) and see each other again soon!

(hee hee, I can imagine the waiter running up and down!)

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards