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Hi Shannon,

So myself and Roslyn went out last night for dinner. I was really looking forward to it and I am more than impressed! She is definitely what I want. She ticks 99% of the boxes I have… and the only thing that would stop us from starting something in the near future, is how she feels about me. So, just going to take it slow and try keep my distance all the while still showing her how interested I am.

She is absolutely gorgeous, and even that is an understatement. Thanks you for the most fabulous introduction! I never gave up hope that some day, when the time was right, it could happen!

Best Regards,

That is so AWESOME dear Darryn! After many years doing this we see how ‘the curve’ works …….some members give up hope so quickly when they don’t seem to hit it off and find their Miss. or Mr. Right immediately…….some give up because they undersell themselves, some stick to the process and make it important in their lives and apply themselves even harder, despite the seemingly ‘fruitlessness’ of it all ….until one day, BANG! It all comes together! They find that illusive X factor! Worse, those members that sit moaning on their butts and do not help us help them by seeing where they can improve their own attraction factor or dating style (and just expect us to deliver love on a silver platter) are the typical losers in the love stakes! We guide, we inspire and we support whole heartedly, but there is that type of person who for ever is miserable because they wait for life and love to come to them, with no effort or awareness from themselves!

Why I am sharing this with you is because you have been one those members that we have loved working with – you have soared like an eagle (not crept like a turkey!) and gone from strength to strength and LEARNT from the process! Maybe you are not even aware of the fact that in the short time you have been with us, your whole attitude has changed and you have gained deep insights to the games of love, learnt more about the opposite sex, and all in all, developed a whole new dimension to your life – you have expanded! You have learnt! You made positive changes! You have soldiered on despite disappointments, dead zones and even some less than perfect interactions out there ……..and it may just pay off now! We are holding thumbs! Keep the good energy going! You two make an awesome couple! Of course, there will always be room for improvement because you both have to negotiate transformations and adapt to each other – not just for the now, but ongoing throughout your journey of love – should you actually start the journey, so we are watching out for good developments!

Thanks for being such an excellent perfect partner – it can only but result in something good!

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards