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Hi PP Team

I’d like to just take a moment and share my experience of spending time with you as my appointed dating agency and match makers…….

I came aboard because, not just for the sake of finding my perfect partner, but because to me- the most attractive offer you had was the life coaching sessions and the advice on good communications when meting new  people. I came in being realistic that it will definitely be a bit of a challenge to open myself up to a world of strangers and possible friendships also, most importantly, I needed to accept from the get go that I may not get half of that I have asked for. For all I know, it may be better or worth learning about! It turned out to be a most life changing relationship with you guys!

Thus far, I am enjoying the life coaching sessions offered by Mike Bundrant, your NLP expert whose material you send us every week. I like that its your typical pop-psychology. I’m very introspective by nature and this self-sabotage tool helps me to address my needs in all areas with better skill…and to come to better terms with myself and to see myself lose old bad habits and start new good ones! The A-H-A series has been my best tool…I am a work in progress and a step in the right direction.

I am seeing a lot of value in this service and I am glad you guys have partnered with me in investing in myself for the better! It has also been awesome learning to think out the box and not stereotype guys, as I have met some really great people through your sensitive personal introductions I would never have met, in a safe environment. I am so much more confident now that when Mr. Right comes along, I will handle everything well from the start!

I find that Perfect Partner is all about creating you to BE the perfect partner. Well, finding that other person is but an added extra 🙂

Thank you all,
(name with held for confidentiality)