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I really cherish your effort here! My angel!!!

Was such a rough few days. Feeling good now.

You are absolutely right Shannon. The universe tells us things sometimes. . . We just have to be open to its glory.

You have been one of the most influential people in my life when it comes to relationships.

God bless you a million fold for it! Thank you thank you thank you.



Thanks dear Norman – I spoke to her and fought your case, that you are so reliable and not playing games and that sh*t happens and we don’t know the why until we know ……but she was having none of it!  She is adamant, “let me down just once and I am out of here” ….and it seems she has been victim to player types before.  I was really disappointed too ….but I understand!  I am also so sorry about your friend passing away …..these things can never be predicted, hence we must live each day as if it were our last!  Anyway, she was always very “iffy” about everything, so maybe the universe is looking out for you and not putting you through all the effort to be humiliated!  Her loss!  But just wait …….things will change ….then she may see the error of her ways!

Love and light as usual,

Fond Regards