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You make me laugh as always!

Its been so so super having you by my side for the last year…. That in itself was extremely supportive… just knowing that you were looking out for me.

Much love


Awesome dear Theresa ……indeed, it was serendipitous!  It was your time!  How utterly fabulous and so exciting, we are so very pleased for you – your new man sounds like one in a million, and it must have been hard for him out there to find someone like you that is so on the same level …..we are so pleased we could help……..you are going to be fine!  I love a happy story and magic ending – may you truly be very happy into eternity!  You sound perfect for each other! The universe knows ……maybe you had to complete your ‘journey’ of Self first, until the angels knew you were ready!

Much love and light and it has been so awesome working for you, we humbly accept any little gratitude that we may have made a tiny difference, even if it was in learning what you did NOT want!


Fond Regards


Hi Shannon!

OMG… what a whirlwind J

I have met my man….. fit, active, super strong, highly intelligent, SUPER intuitive… an empath!!…. fun, gorgeous, a doctor (chiropractor), world travelled with risk management in the health industry! And loves all the sports I do……..just sooooo me and everything I have ever looked for! A strong and sensitive man who is so in touch with his stuff, it puts me to shame!

I have had the most fabulous 4 weeks. It was absolutely our time – a real serendipitous meeting – I was  eventually ready for a man like this.

As you can tell – I am over the moon – without any attachment to where this may end up, I am thoroughly enjoying every single moment.

Thank you for all your wonderful help and support…..

Keep well – much love