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Top 10 Dating Tips

Dating tips

For starters we give you a transparent profile of the other party, so you can take your clues from their common interests – study it and have a plan!

1. Flirt with your date (

) attention is flattering
2. Look him/her in the eyes and listen well, don’t interrupt and remember conversation is a two-way street.
3. Do not start questions with “So tell me …?” and try not to ask any personal questions, they will volunteer info as you go, as will you
4. Don’t bring back the past – this is about your future, pity parties don’t happen on first dates, your date is not a counsellor
5. Don’t complain – a positive attitude and good humour wins the day, even if the waiter drops your coffee in your lap!
6. Your first chat is about arranging a meeting, not a show-and-tell, and do not sms or BBM messages until you know each other well, so pick up the phone and call, a warm voice wins the day
7. Be prepared, have something good to talk about. Talk about things that you enjoy.
8. Never text or talk on a mobile phone while on a date, in fact, leave the mobile behind
9. Don’t give up on your date or yourself before giving it a chance.
10. Prepare in advance what you are going to wear. (see what must I wear)
11. Dress for where you are going and be clean and well groomed.
12. Be decisive about what to do on your first date, but be flexible, negotiate a convenient venue and time
13. Work out how you are getting to the location of your date, make allowance for hold-ups.
14. Be on time, lateness shows a lack of respect for your date.
15. Make sure you enjoy yourself.

Top 10 dating tips for HIM

  1. Take Charge. We do not want to decide where to go. We will never tell you this, but it is true. Ask us what kind of place and/or food we like; then, pick a place like that. Do not leave it up to us to choose. You are the man. Act like one.
  2. Smile. When we arrive, smile. Maybe you are a tough guy. Maybe you are nervous. Maybe you are paralysed. Either way, smile. Women are strange, exotic, intuitive creatures, and we respond well to positive reinforcement. Do not glower.
    Mind Your Body Language. If your legs are crossed and your hand is over your mouth, we will unconsciously think you are hiding something. If you are sprawled out all over with your legs spread wide and your hands behind your head, we will think you are a slob or generally loose. Sit up straight, lean in closer, and keep your hands where we can see them.
  3. Ask Questions. This seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many men don’t do this. You know what women like? Attention. Also, kittens, flowers, and cupcakes. Nothing else. If you seem curious about the woman sitting across from you, she will like it. For sure.
  4. Listen. You can’t just ask a bunch of questions, and then not listen to the answers. They call this a “date,” but, really, for women, it’s more like a “test.” If you emailed or talked on the phone beforehand, remember what she told you about herself.
  5. Use Flattery, Appropriately. If at some point during our meeting, you tell us we are “beautiful,” “attractive,” or “pretty,” we will like you better than if you didn’t. It’s. Just. That. Simple.
  6. Act Right, We really do not care if you are secretly neurotic, deeply insecure, or mildly nuts. We are interested in how you portray yourself. Act confident, interested, engaged, self-assured, ambitious, and happy. We like that.
  7. No Pawing Allowed. If you’re going to score with us at some point, we will let you know. Trust. Occasional physical contact is OK — a hand to the small of the back, a touch of the thigh, a brief holding of the arm while making a point.
  8. Do not grab anywhere in the red light zones. If we want your hands there, we will put them there.

Top 10 dating tips for HER

  1. Be approachable. Smile. It is a powerful flirting tool that lets a man know you are interested.
  2. Give a man a chance to show you what he can do-the calling, asking and pursuing.
  3. Confidence. Look after your body & your health.
  4. Take care of your appearance. Don’t over do it, be your natural self. Use less hairspray & perfume. Take a trip to the hair salon a few days before (so that your hair settles). Light make up and a touch of lipstick should do the trick.
  5. Looking & feeling good will help with your confidence.
  6. Take care of your appearance. Don’t over do it, be your natural self. Use less hairspray & perfume. Take a trip to the hair salon a few days before (so that your hair settles). Light make up and a touch of lipstick should do the trick. Listen & Express your thoughts.
  7. Too many women are afraid to express their opinions regarding things for fear of putting a guy off. But men do not need doormats. They prefer to be with an interesting woman. And interesting woman possess opinions. While some cavemen might think that a woman should mirror his opinions, a real man is comfy enough with his own views to appreciate hearing another perspective. And, if he’s not comfortable with your impressions now, he will not be in six months!.
  8. Wear suitable clothing, Find out from your date what type of venue he will be taking you, and dress appropriately. Decide on what you will wear a few days before, and make sure it fits. Even better, spoil yourself and buy a few new items for your wardrobe! The way you dress really says a lot about who you are and even more about what kind of guy you’re looking for. It is definitely possible to look “hot, gorgeous, pretty” without showing off everything.
  9. Flirt. Flirting is all about having fun and giving out signals that you like someone. Flirting makes the person you are talking to feel good and bring you closer together.
  10. There is No Rush. Let the date takes it’s course, get to know each other over a few dates. Don’t speak about marriage or babies until you are 100% certain this man is for you. Don’t be desperate. Again, relax and enjoy yourself!
  11. Show the guy a really good time & be positive. He’s merely going to want to go out with you on a second date if he has fun on the 1st date. If he laughs a great deal during the date, he is going to prefer to come back for more.
  12. Accept compliments. Among the biggest errors women make is to turn aside compliments. Men like to tell the women in their lives that they’re attractive, sexy, or smart. Almost by reflex, women avoid these complements. If he says he loves your hair, don’t tell him about how awful it really looks. Just say, thanks and smile. When you are able to take a compliment in stride, you are a more magnetic date. Be gracious. He wants your approval!

And last but not least ladies… No sex on the first date! or the 2nd or the 3rd. Give it time. Smile politely and call it a night. A kiss or hug goodnight will suffice!

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