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What Must I Wear?

What to Wear

Style tips for dating – Tips for women Style for a first date can be difficult, as you probably don’t know your date well enough to know what they will like and dislike. Here are some style tips for dating for women to help you get your style right.

  • Avoid hairspray, it smells horrible and it is unpleasant to touch.
  • Avoid bright colours with nail polish and lip stick. It can look cheap and tacky. • Minimise jewellery, lots of jewellery doesn’t make you look rich, it has the opposite effect and could make you look like a chav.
  • Minimise makeup; you don’t want it to look like you put it on with a trowel. Always remember less is definitely more.
  • Minimise perfume; don’t smell like you took a bath in it. If you can strongly smell your perfume on yourself, then you have put too much on.
  • Looking too trendy is a bad idea, your friends might be jealous but your date might not follow fashion and might not get it. He may even be intimidated or think you are a designer label junkie. (High maintenance!).
  • If you are prone to blushing or you flush when you drink alcohol then use a colour corrector base (green coloured foundation). If you are not sure, many department stores have makeup specialists who will be happy t o help.
  • Never shop for an outfit on the day of your date. It will only stress you out and that is the last thing you want on the day of your date.
  • Wear a bra that fits and feel confident to show a hint of cleavage, but not too much. It is amazing how many women wear the wrong size bra and it really does show. If you are not sure, most specialist lingerie stores and department stores have free bra fitting services, use them.
  • If in doubt think Julia Roberts rather than Jordan, the mysterious look is a winner with most men.
  • A safe rule of thumb is a pair of nice slacks or jeans, a feminine top (no frills, bows or flounces!) and nice fitted jacket. Avoid loud colours, florals and dizzying stripes.
  • A nice high heel is very flattering and lengthens the frame for a slender look.

Clothing Advice for Women
Regardless of the type of date you are going on, one of the most important rules for a woman is that your outfit isn’t too revealing. Showing too much skin is not classy; it sends out the wrong impression. When choosing your outfit, avoid fabrics that are transparent and old items you possess that are now faded. You want to wear fabrics that highlight your figure, not draw attention to any flaws you may have.

Clothing suggestions for women:

Casual Date You can’t go wrong with a top that shows curves and attractive necklines, such as a fitted t-shirt. This type of top will go well with most trousers. Jeans are acceptable, as long as they aren’t old and stained. A smart jacket or coat is suitable for colder months and a cardigan or shrug for cooler evenings.

Sporty Date You will be fine with shorts and a t-shirt, but it’s best to avoid hot pant style shorts and bulging vest tops. If the weather is cold, then modern jogging bottoms are suitable as opposed to shorts. Try not to overdress if going on a sporty date, you will only end up sweaty anyway, and overdressing may restrict your performance. Make sure that your trainers are fragrant free and don’t look like you have washed them in a muddy puddle.

Classy Date Most women take this opportunity to dress up and feel special. There is no need to wear a ball gown, but you do have the option of wearing a dress, a skirt or smart trousers. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, as long as it suits your shape. You can add elegant accessories to a black dress such as a brooch, chunky jewellery, delicate jewellery, a shrug, a stole or a stylish handbag. You can use these accessories to add some colour to the black dress. If you choose to wear a dress it doesn’t necessarily need to be black, there are many other attractive colours to be worn, but it is best to avoid bright garish colours. If you choose to wear a dress that has a low back, then ideally it should have a high neckline. Alternatively if the dress has a low neckline, then it should be high at the back. This helps to balance out the dress, otherwise you will be showing too much skin and you will loose the classy look.

Style tips for dating – Tips for Men
Fashion and style is normally considered to be a female thing but that is no reason for men not to bother. Here are some style tips for dating for men to bear in mind before going on that all important first date.

  • Leave the comedy clothes and accessories in the wardrobe. T-shirts with slogans might offend, novelty cufflinks look naff and cartoon character ties just look ridiculous. They are never right for a date and certainly not a first date.
  • Be clean shaven! Your hair must be clean, and nails must be clean. Check your teeth and breath – you want a fresh mouth!
  • Don’t wear a suit if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one, you will simply end up looking uncomfortable and uptight and your date might think it is them making you feel that way.
  • Look smart and like you have made an effort. Looking like you have not bothered is insulting to your date and will appear arrogant. • Wear clothes that fit you properly. Clothes that are too big or too small never look good.
  • Wear antiperspirant deodorant. Wet patches under your arms are never attractive.
  • Less is more. Minimise aftershave and jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing sandals unless you have very good feet, if you’re not sure then avoid.
  • Never wear socks with sandals!
  • If you have tattoos try to keep them covered on the first date. Some women love tattoos, but others don’t so it is best to keep them covered on a first date until she likes you enough to accept it..
  • Never try to impress your date with your fashion knowledge, particularly if you don’t know what you are talking about, they might know more than you.
  • Compliment your date on what she is wearing, even if you don’t like her outfit.

Clothing Advice for Men
Regardless of the type of date, it is necessary to look clean and smart which show that you have made an effort. Wherever the date venue may be, it is vital that a man wears decent shoes. Women often look at a man’s shoes and make a judgment depending on the shoes worn. It is also important that your trousers fit well, especially around the bottom area where women are known to look. If you wear a shirt that is tucked in, make sure you accompany your look with a belt, preferably one that matches your shoes. Choose clothes that show off your positive features; a polo shirt is a good way to show off your shape. As with women, avoid large baggy items of clothing that do absolutely nothing for you.

Clothing suggestions for men:

Casual Date
Jeans are suitable for all casual dates, as long as they fit properly and are not creased or covered in stains or holes. Clean, well fitted jeans can be accompanied by a variety of tops ranging from a polo shirt to a fancy button up shirt. It is best to avoid bright coloured or novelty t-shirts with large logos on them; they may represent your favourite television show, film, character or music taste, but it is best to leave that item of clothing for another time. Remember to wear a belt if you choose to tuck your top into your trousers. If the weather is cold a clean jacket or smart jumper are suitable.

Sporty Date
Shorts or jogging bottoms with a t-shirt are suitable for a sporty date, making sure your shorts aren’t too small and bulging. If the weather is cold and you will be taking part in an outdoor activity then it is best to wear a sports jacket, a sweatshirt or a long sleeved t-shirt, just as long as your movements are not restricted. When going on an active date it is suggested that you don’t wear clothes that are tight which will only make you feel uncomfortable. Clean footwear is a must, whether you wear trainers or walking shoes.

Classy Date
A classy date requires a formal look. If you are going to an upmarket restaurant, the theatre or ballet, then a tailored suit, preferably in a dark colour such as charcoal grey is appropriate. A decent suit will never go to waste. You can wear it with a variety of shirts and ties, or you can change your look completely by wearing the suit trousers with just a casual shirt. Alternatively you can wear the suit jacket with jeans or other casual trousers. A sports jacket, polo necked shirt with smart slacks is very sexy. A classy date doesn’t mean you must wear a suit; smart well fitted trousers paired with a stylish shirt are also appropriate. Remember that you must wear smart shoes on a classy date. Trainers, shoes with holes or dirty shoes are not suitable for this kind of date, so make sure your footwear is clean and comfortable.