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World of the Singleton


Divorced or widowed folk need more than any other to start fitting into their new “World of the Singleton” again, and adapt to a new social landscape by networking with other committed prospects.  Shannon understands the impact of starting over on family, extended family,significant others, even careers, so it takes a comprehensive strategy to pull it off successfully. Those tender young hearts setting out for the first time in search of the real deal once the party is over, need a different approach and guidance – we do not want to see young people back in the dating pool in years to come!  Many young professionals have studied for many years and need to catch up with the essence of life and get going!

The more mature Singletons also have their own set of challenges and it is sad that they are denied access to a contented and meaningful social life.  But, warns Shannon, “We are not here to provide dance partners, escorts or travelling companions, we want to see meaningful relationships that can stand the test of time”.  This may mean more transitions and transformation as a new lifestyle has to be negotiated to suit both parties’ needs, especially as older people need to share and adapt again!  It stands to reason that it is paramount that we protect our members from ‘undesirable elements’, so respect, integrity and old fashioned romance are key……all in an atmosphere of fun and romance.

Many guys feel it is a sign of weakness or neediness to join an agency, but once they realise they are not ‘buying’ love and attention, but paying for a recruitment service to save them time, money and effort, they see the logic in using a professional organisation while they get on with their daily lives. “Fear of the unknown, or fear of change also hamper many potential new members, but we can help overcome this by having a concise discussion”.  Shannon understandingly says.