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Dear Shannon

I truly think that the work that you do is amazing – I might have already said it before, but I want you to know what an incredible gift you and the team have and that there is someone out there who truly values and appreciates what you do (me xxx).

It can’t be easy trying to match up everyone according to their quirks / needs / deepest hearts desires, but you and the team always strive hard to make everyone’s dream a reality.

I think you and the team rock!! And I love you like family.

Thank you for being the amazing person that you are Shannon.

Please keep the passion and the faith,

Love always,


Thanks dearest Natalie – I truly am  humbled but accept your vote of confidence – we do love what we do and we take a deep interest in all our members happiness and future!  Everyone has an equal chance at finding their destiny and it is just a matter of hard work and doing the numbers (well selected!). We are very happy that you have returned to ‘the family’ after your long absence and although sorry you have not The One yet, know that we will do it together this time!

You are very special to me too! I love you to bits and have a deep interest in your future and hope we really do make a difference and soon!

Wishing you love and light, and stay as lovely as you are, love will find you!

Fond Regards