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Morning dear Shannon,

How is your long weekend going? Month end has come and now gone………..again J

Thanks for asking about my beloved fur friends  – dogs are amazing and they say if you want loyalty and a friend………………get a dog J There are so many tearful movies about dogs and their loyalty and one that comes to mind, is the Richard Gere movie set in Japan (can’t remember details) but when RG character died, his dog sat in the same spot in the town square for ages, waiting for his master to come home L J incredible!!! A true story and so profound the story, the Mayor of the town erected a statue of the dog.

Dealing with Mr. Public is tough and reading your newsletter, reminded me of when I was a Service Provider for Vodacom in 1994 for five years. It’s wild sometimes J

You guys do an amazing job and I remain very impressed at the high calibre of ladies you have offered me in my 6 month spell so far – everyone a potential friend if not The One – and I know we are getting close!!  My life has changed dynamically! I wish and hope your members appreciate how hard you work for us all, with such professional care and attention to detail.  This is not like any other ‘dating service’ but more like being a member of an exclusive single’s friendship club, with you introducing all your friends to each other!!  I do seriously consider you a friend!! When my helicopter is serviced, I plan to meet you all!

Short and sweet and merci bucket,