Hi Shannon,

I want to tell you how much you have changed my life as a new me, better health and even a love interest! I am determined to keep his interest HOT! I know I stand a better chance if I improve my shape too.

Hey, practice what you preach! LOL! Go for it if you need to lose a few kgs, and do your Kata! You encouraged me so awesomely that time of the match… It’s hard and carbs are the worst, but taste the best, I sympathise with you now. If one can stay focused, it takes 3 weeks to break a habit, then it goes better… I’ve kick started karate again, on a mission now to complete and get my 3rd Dan and lost 5kgs already, I feel fantastic. It’s just my favourite sport and doing a Kata is beautiful!

Hope you have a good evening and don’t have to work too late.

Thanks always and always for your encouraging messages. I really and honestly feel so looked after, safe & hopeful as I know you care and you are the best matchmaker around and even a friend now! I know you will always support me too! Dating sites sucked! I will never go there again! Your calibre of professional men is unbelievable as I thought there were none left on the planet!

Fond wishes,