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This is not an ordinary dating site, but personal contact with your own matchmaker. Talk to us today about your next match.

As professional matchmakers, we value our process.

Take a few minutes to consider whether or not you are satisfied with the conventional methods you are using in order to meet and keep, other quality single partners that may be proving less than effective. Read and evaluate the following questions, a sample of what we need to know. You will find that they help you to focus on some of the areas that most people rarely consider important. If your answers are mostly ‘yes’, we need to speak!

Remember: Character is what we are born with and cannot change; Personality is what we develop as we grow and as we define ourselves; Reputation is what we build and value!!

Proposed questions to ask yourself – Advice from the Matchmaker

  1. Does the same personality type always attract you, and is this really what works for you?
  2. Do you believe that personality is shaped by our childhood and imprints us for life when making choices, and can this change?
  3. Have you ever wondered what your personality type is – do you know yourself? Do you know your triggers?
  4. Are you tired of meeting people who you think are right, only to discover that they are not?
  5. Do you just accept what you get: ‘the best for now’ relationships?
  6. Do you feel that your life has burnt out… or that it never really started?
  7. Would you like to meet new, quality people in a totally different and unique manner, with expert profile matching?
  8. Are you too busy to socialize regularly but would love to meet new friends, discreetly, and through an intensive screening method? People who share the same outlook on life?
  9. Have you ever fallen for someone only to discover that you are not the only one in their life?
  10. Have your relationships been sabotaged by extended family or children?
  11. Did that someone special turn out to have bad agendas?
  12. Are you afraid that you will appear ‘cheap’ if you are not properly introduced?
  13. Are you afraid that your first words sound like a corny pick-up line?
  14. You know you feel affectionate but can’t express yourself? Forgotten how to have fun?
  15. Do you pour out your troubles at the first opportunity and cause the potential partner to run like hell?
  16. Are you aware that you make love with your spirit, the body is only the tool?

If you have read about us and would like to accept our invitation, please click on this personal profile link and fill in your profile form.

We do hope to hear from you soon!