FAQ’s of our Matchmaking Service

To answer more questions you might have about matchmaking, please see below.

We work hard to guarantee that your chances of finding love are as high as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you understand how we differ from other dating services and how we can assist you.

Why do I need Perfect Partners or the services of professional matchmakers?

The stigma of using a research resource for personal introductions is long gone, although online dating has some success, it is very hard work screening interested parties and it is very tiring experimenting with endless ‘hopefuls’. A professional elite introductions agency is time-saving and ensures a level of compatibility in a safe environment with your personal matchmaker.

We emphasise quality over quantity, as pre-qualified selections are offered as a choice, and no random blind dating wastes your precious time as is experienced on dating sites. We can dispel any fears and discuss your options before making a final decision to join, whether you are a shy introvert or an extrovert social butterfly, we work with all personality types and have different databases accordingly. People join us either because they are getting attention from the ‘wrong’ types, or worse, are invisible/isolated and not getting any attention at all. Or they simply want a new life and to start over.

Why would I need to pay for a social recruitment service or an introductions agency?

There are many ways to meet new Singletons out there, from internet dating, speed dating, supper clubs, church socials, sports clubs, family, friends and even mobiflirt and FB, and there are still costs involved whilst you are muddling through the dozens of choices only to find there are no real compatible matches at the end of the day. Time is money.

It is also emotionally draining and often results in ‘best for now’ and it can be very risky. Some types have agendas that only manifest down the line, or the individual you have given your heart to, turns out to be unstable in some way, beyond your capacity to change. So why waste time and effort when a professional profiling service and expert matchmaker covers all the bases and has your back?

Do you cater for all cultures, religions and social groups, including the Gay Single Community?

Indeed, we basically have 11 databases, ages 25 – 60, although we try to build bridges between all we can be more specific about your criteria and we have recently welcomed enquiries from upmarket and discerning men and women from the Gay Single Community.

What is your fee structure?

Our standard Gold Membership is R7000 for 6 months, and we will negotiate on other packages, Silver, Platinum and Diamond on request.

Why does it take 6 months? I don't want to wait that long!

Many factors influence success and you could meet someone soon, but then you need a trial period to work it through and need our life coaching and guidance, and you may decide to quit and try again.

You may make dozens of new friends and just want to socialise a while until Destiny and Love find you. This time frame is based on expert stats on the dating phenomenon. We can discuss shorter-term trial periods under certain circumstances.

What services am I paying for?

We offer a holistic matchmaking and personal introductions service firstly, as introductions based on personal recruitment and matchmaking to compatible matches is not enough to ensure complete success.

We also act as your ‘publicity agent’ or personal marketer in getting you into new circles and more (this may include help with slight image makeovers or attitude adjustments or a better personal branding) and our general lifecoaching will help you to understand your situation with insights, guidance and understanding the dating/mating/relating game, and even better, help in understanding the mind of the opposite sex!

Are there any further costs involved?

There is a refresh admin fee when a member has been non-dating or off the database for a period of time, as reinstating your file and history takes time and resources and requires a refresh interview to update your circumstances, perhaps even a bit of encouraging coaching to get started again.

I have joined other agencies and been bitterly disappointed at the lack of interest or accurate introductions, what makes Perfect Partners different to other professional dating agencies?

Just like there are less than stellar doctors, lawyers, restaurants or matchmakers – there are exceptional ones. We are continuously congratulated and thanked for expert, caring service and professionalism in our personal singles introductions. Word of mouth referrals are coming daily, and many members have rejoined happily after an absence of anything from 6 months to 4 years.

Your input and effort also contributes to the quality of service as we are all in this together! We cannot fit square pegs into round holes, therefore our first duty is to profile everyone accurately and construct a workable strategy. We may need to prepare you well and equip you for a new world of social networking.

Matchmakers also have to deal with societal dictates, and everyone has to understand single’s society in their context, and once this is accepted, then a strategy has a chance of working. We are committed to successful outcomes in finding you your perfect match from all the Singles out there!

What does it take to be a perfect partner?

A perfect partner is a Singleton who takes good care of themselves and has good self-worth. They have a healthy attitude to love and sex. Integrity and respect for others is unquestionable in someone who is committed to sharing the ups and down of life with a Significant Other. Nobody is perfect but we all strive to be the best we can be (hence our service is here to assist with goals) and basic honesty, stability, a warm heart, friendly disposition and optimistic outlook combined with a good sense of humour gets you to starting base.

You may be lucky and find someone very soon, but this depends on your flexibility and marketability. For some it is a sprint, for others, it is an epic journey. Your expectations must be realistic and you must be prepared to make time to fit this new dimension into your schedule. (We help with this scheduling). Good health and a balanced lifestyle are important, and if you are not quite there, we help you to reach this goal as part of the marketability strategy. We have turned many lives around 360 degrees!

A mindset cleared of illusions, assumptions and unrealistic desires is a good start – and we assist to attain this clear state when proposing your individual strategy. The ultimate goal is to attain a fulfilled and worthwhile lifestyle….. with your Significant Other at your side.

Would the type of upmarket person I seek join an agency?

Our market is a target group of upmarket, authentic Singletons who have been through the initiation process with us and understand our protocols and appreciate we are well structured and good communicators, and the fact is many discerning people are joining precisely because of the confidential and sensitive environment we provide.

Most of our members are busy executives or career-minded souls who simply have little time to go on the hunt, and the research and trials of finding a compatible match is exhausting and often fruitless. It is a 21st Century form of social interaction that is efficient, accurate and dignified, and no self-respecting quality person today wants to be exposed to undesirable elements or embarrassing situations and life is to short to make the wrong investment when your heart is involved.

Many of our members find themselves back in the dating pool and do not know where to start or even recognise their new ‘environment’ as a single’s lifestyle is vastly different to that of coupledom. Many younger members are starting out and do not want to waste time in order to start the most important chapter in their lives of settling down. They cannot afford to make mistakes they will pay for bitterly down the line. Social recruitment and professional matchmaking/personal introductions ensure that they will meet like-minded people from a similar background, culture and value system, or at least with the potential to grow together.

Do I have any say in the selection process of proposed introductions?

We strongly uphold the individual right to freedom of choice and freedom of association. Hence we have a singles introduction system that is detailed and concise so that you can evaluate the worth of choosing or declining any proposals, without having to leave your front door.

We may even propose you try ‘something new’ and do something differently! Depth, insight and knowledge as to each proposal is transparent and accurate. You meet those Singletons you have chosen to meet, and that have also agreed to meet you – thus ensuring a true vested interest in each other for starters, on a first rendezvous. Remember, we are recruiting and matchmaking for you against your criteria.

If I meet someone and don't want to proceed, how do I exit graciously?

As your social agent of singles introductions, we are your go-between and we rely strongly on feedback and progress reports from our members. If you need to exit you depart your rendezvous courteously, be dignified and friendly and let us know and we will do the necessary! We work with good karma and avoid conflict at all costs. Your privacy is guaranteed and you can walk away without giving any personal information and be forgotten!  That is the science of our processes – you are all fully informed yet you retain certain anonymity…. you can remain incognito!

How will I be assured that Perfect Partners 'gets me' and understands my needs?

A full profile, which we create on you (and you have approved first) will be submitted to you for evaluation and approval by you. Changes or alterations can be made at any time at your written request.

We take about a week, not just an hour, initially, to get to know you (although we always get to know you more as we proceed) and strategic discussions will take place on your personality type and needs, as part of the strategy to be embarked upon. This often proves to be the start of a journey of self-discovery as people define and refine themselves and is always a work in progress.

Will I be advised on each of the steps and protocols?

We ensure you are fully prepared for the journey and everyone starts on a level playing field, as long as they respect our house rules, advice and dating tips, and there are protocols to follow which ensure a seamless journey.

We have an informative ‘induction’ stage that prepares you well before your first encounters, never fear!

If I need your help urgently how do I make contact?

We prefer emails as our lines are very busy, and there is a turnaround time of 24 hours when we are really busy. Emails ensure full attention to detail and are properly recorded as part of your history.

A text message requesting us to call you will prompt one of our Consultants to call you as soon as possible. At times we are marketing, or recruiting, or coaching so our phones are generally busy, but we do everything we can to respond as soon as possible.