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As a respected and leading date coach and Matchmaker, Shannon who is the CEO of both Perfect Partners and MatchVip, two professional and bespoke, personal service single introduction agencies of long standing, recommends highly that any single who is determined to win at the games of love and finding the real deal in a lasting relationship, should speak to as many experts/gurus as possible before setting out on this life changing campaign (because that is what it is and it requires a sound strategy, it is not random or frivolous)  as it will impact hugely on your future, and making the right choices guarantees success!  Even the best matchmaker can only do so much, as humanly possible, so you have your role to play as well, as it is all about your forever happiness once you are introduced to a real potential partner, opportunity only knocks once as they say……..be prepared!

As a professional coach herself, Shannon has had the pleasure of working closely with coaches from every walk of life, psychologists and sexologists, spoken to tens of thousands of singles in depth, and can now confidently endorse the expertise, vast experience, sensitive care, and guidance that Veronica provides. There are many socially competent and confident singles out there who may feel they have learnt many lessons and can go it alone, but Shannon promises that there will be new insights, AHA moments and enlightenment when chatting to Veronica in our free session, even if it DOES confirm you are just fine as you are! No good General enters a new campaign before scoping out the landscape and understanding the new territory – gather all the intelligence first!

‘In your life, you are the main character.  Nobody else really cares about you like you do.  You’re the writer of the script.  You are in charge of what you do and what happens to you.

What will happen to your character?’

Larry Janesky

If you’re anything like most of our members, you’ve already given this ‘love game’ a good go on your own, even taking many knocks and learning many lessons along the way, but you are here because you remain single, for whatever reason. Yes, you believe in writing your own script…but somehow that hasn’t worked out as you’d planned. Something hasn’t been working for you, and sometimes it’s difficult to spot why!

That’s where coaching comes in. You may ask “why do I need coaching?”…it can also just be a good discussion, as well, our free session is mainly so that you meet our representative Veronica, face to face or live on Skype (or phone if no access to Skype), after your interview, where the whole aspect of relating/dating/mating can be briefly discussed and how it affects you personally, how the past has brought you here, and what your expectations of a new future really are!

To us, it is the ‘second arm’ of what we do at Perfect Partners – just as vital as finding you your love match!

Coaching helps you to ‘spot why’ things haven’t worked for you up to now…and then help you to rewrite that script – whether you’re out there looking for love, or in a relationship that’s just not working as you know it could.

Without coaching, it’s likely that you’ll keep repeating the same dating and love patterns. Why? That’s the nature of who we are as human beings. We stick with what we know!

A coach helps you to see the things you can’t, or you may have forgotten or even dismissed as trivial, and is there to help you refine those areas that need it. Think of it as a fresh pair of eyes on your script, and, like a professional writer, can really make it shine!

Just as important, you’ll have the peace of mind that each of the matches we send you has also had coaching, to iron out any issues they may have been struggling with themselves. How much better a chance does that give you, of matching up with someone who’s done some introspection and has a deeper level of self-awareness than the average person you’ll find on a dating site!

We believe coaching is so important that each member gets a FREE session on joining, a true value you add. It’s just another one of the things we do that make us stand out from the rest!

(All coaching is highly confidential and falls under the same confidentiality clauses as do our matchmaking services.)

Our Coach Veronica Haupt – Succeed At Love

Please email me and I will respond requesting a sure time to call when you can chat, and let’s plan the next step! Standing by and would love to meet you!

Veronica Haupt Date Coach


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