To date or not to date??

That is the million dollar question.  The next generation of young adults find themselves knowledgeable but very unskilled in matters of the heart, social skills and even the language of love!!

Gen Z, the generation born between 1997 and 2012 (also called “Zennners”), has grown up in a world of constant change and uncertainty, which has led them to approach relationships with a sense of caution and skepticism. They want to test the waters on all matters of sex, love and relationships, before committing to a serious relationship, without all the known risks. This is not unique to just Gen Z, but the reasons behind this are different.

One of the main reasons for Gen Z’s reluctance to commit to a serious relationship is that they have grown up in a digital world where dating and relationships are easily accessible. Access to information never though makes up for experience. They have access to dating apps and social media, which allows them to meet and connect with a wide range of people. BUT the kicker is they have little or no social skills or aptitude to actually venture out into the field and engage meaningfully with any likely love prospects.

Fear of Being hurt when seeking love 

This abundance of options and the ease of connecting with others can make it challenging for them to decide on one person and commit to a serious relationship. Information is overwhelming on the beautiful state of “being in love” and they feel instinctively drawn to the need for meaningful love in their lives.  How then to get going and with who, and when?? How to overcome the fear of taking risks?

Gen Z are both smart yet Naive on Love Matters

However, it is worth noting that the use of a matchmaker who is also a date coach and relationship expert can assist Gen Z in their quest for safe dating and guide them on the first pathway to lasting love. Research is proving that they are more intentional about their lives (less reckless and frivolous) and tend to stick to old traditions even if new age. They want to avoid chaos, noise and drama and cut to the chase. But if they have no experience, where to start?

 Safety First when Dating

A matchmaker and date coach can provide a more personalized and vetted dating experience, where they can be introduced to potential partners who align with their values and goals. Matchmakers often conduct thorough background checks and interviews with potential partners, ensuring that they are safe and suitable matches. This can provide a sense of security and peace of mind for Gen Z, who may be hesitant to trust the dating process on their own.  Gen Z may be cautious risk takers, and their pragmatic approach to life may not be enough to understand the game of dating/relating/mating until they “learn the ropes” without getting burnt first. This can be particularly helpful for Gen Z, who may not have much experience in dating or may not be sure about what they want in a partner.

 Understand the Dynamics of a Relationship

In conclusion, Gen Z is a generation that approaches relationships with a sense of caution and skepticism. They want to test the waters before committing to a serious relationship. They have access to a wide range of options and are more exposed to the negative effects of commitment. They place a high value on independence, self-discovery, open and honest communication, and may have different views on what constitutes a committed relationship. However, using a matchmaker and a date coach can assist them in their quest for safe dating, providing a more personalized and vetted dating experience, guidance, advice, and help them navigate the dating process and make better decisions when it comes to relationships. It is important to understand and respect their perspective and approach, but also to consider the benefits of using a matchmaker.


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