Dating for Sex vs Dating Intentionally

Jan 25, 2023 | Blogs, MatchMaker

Expert Matchmaker & Relationship Coach

Shannon, our expert matchmaker and relationship coach, sees this every day as there are basically two approaches to dating. People date intentionally for two reasons. One: for Quick and easy sex, (Situationships) where they experiment and also want instant gratification, and two: tired of endless conquests and suffering burnout from casual dating and feel ready to get serious about a lasting relationship.

 Either style is okay if it suits your needs and nobody is hurt in the process, and nobody is given false expectations and the rights of both parties are respected. Honesty should rule, and people should be honest that they are not quite ready when dating casually. The truth is, some Singles are just not ready for commitment but still want to learn more about the dating/relating/mating game. The only way is to experiment, and there is a workable strategy when using an experienced matchmaker, dating agency and date coach.

Being in the Right Place for Love to Find you

When it comes to dating, people often have different objectives, as Shannon, owner of two successful dating agencies has found over nearly two decades. Talking to your matchmaker who is also a date coach, can fast track you into pinpointing exactly what you need. Some individuals may seek short-term connections, referred to as “situationships,” that focus primarily on physical attraction and sexual desire. These types of relationships tend to be devoid of emotional depth and long-term commitment.

Shannon cautions though – please do not send us images of your favourite movie star and/or poster boy or girl and ask us to find you “someone who looks like that” because if you base your yearning purely on looks, then chances are your inexperience and lack of maturity needs plenty of work! You really need our date coaching!! We know visuals stir and are important, but then also, the “whole package” is pivotal in a “forever after”. Shannon guides many divorced Singles back to a loving existence, and almost every time they ended up divorced was because of making the wrong choices!! Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder!!

Many Singles are serious about being truly in love with all the responsibility that comes with it, and date with the goal of finding a lasting relationship. They are interested in building a deeper emotional connection and are willing to invest time and effort to build a strong and healthy bond. They take the time to understand their partner on an emotional level and are open to nurture long-term commitment.

 Lust is a Natural Hunger

“Lust” has many names but scientifically is described as the hormonal urges and chemistry all humans are born with to propagate (breed).  It can be channelled in a healthy way!  It’s worth noting that an individual can experience both falling in love and falling in lust for the same person, but the feelings and intentions behind it may vary. A person may start dating someone with the intention of a situationship, but as they get to know the person better, they may develop feelings of love. Similarly, a person may date someone with the intention of a long-term relationship but may also experience feelings of lust and the story ends there. Guidance from your dating agency will smooth the pathway to lasting love and also help navigate the short journeys!!

Ultimately, dating is a personal journey and what works for one person may not work for another. A very smart dating strategy is possible with the expertise and care of an experienced matchmaker and date coach to guide. It’s crucial to be aware of one’s own intentions and desires and to communicate them openly and honestly with one’s partner. It’s also essential to be open to different types of relationships and not to put pressure on any one relationship to fulfill all your needs.

 In summary, falling in love and falling in lust are distinct experiences that people often encounter in dating. People date with varying objectives, some looking for short-term sexual connections, and others seeking long-term relationships. It’s important to be aware of one’s own intentions and desires and communicate them clearly with one’s partner. Remember, dating is a personal journey, and what works for one person may not work for another.


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