Firstly, I want to begin by saying thank you for the quality of service I have received since joining your exclusive dating club. I was so nervous coming into the match making, but now that I fully understand the process and the need to really explore all options (handpicked for me, which is awesome and feels like a really personal introduction) my nerves have settled and I am having a great dating experience with your dating agency, also gaining confidence every day and very at home in my new singles’ community..

Secondly, I have enjoyed the calibre of the professional single men you have presented. I have been pleasantly impressed with each one. I am also making good friends even when not a romantic spark, and that is such a gift too.

The young Black Diamond  bachelors and Millennials are well established and focused, which I absolutely love, being an ambitious girl, myself. I definitely do get the appeal, we are both young, of the same Gen and so forth, we should naturally attract each other.  I am loving it!

I would like to broaden my experience or exposure, a little bit more, where applicable, and am now open to the mature more group of Black Single men.

My primary goal is to match with a partner I can settle with, but I would love to experience a few dates, with different kinds of men who are great matches, instead of feeling pressure to settle.

Again, I have truly enjoyed the calibre of matches and the dating service I have received thus far, thank you.

Warmest Regards,