Dating Online or Matchmaker – Trolling, Scouting, Exploring and Actually Dating for Real

by Perfect Partners

So, what exactly is this dating thing people ask. Let’s break it down realistically. Millions of hopeful Singles seeking love are scouring the net for prospects in their search for love! The question begs, how many actually MEET and how many find love?  The stats say only about 10% are lucky in love when dating online.

A mindful matchmaker has between a 60% and 70% success rate when introducing singles that find love forever after.

Shannon, a trusted and respected Matchmaker breaks down the dating process and says ‘When we schedule a meet-up with anyone, we set a date to meet, we all do this in our sleep, the way it has always worked.’  We call it a meeting, an appointment or a get-together or meet-up, but at which stage does a mere connection turn into what is known as real dating?.

Singles Seeking a Soulmate Need to Meet Up For Love to Happen (and not just anybody!)

When we MEET someone and we are hugely attracted and feel all the emotional, even physical and mental signs of attraction, we then are dating that person if we mutually agree to be exclusive the term comes from the distant past when singles met through friends, family, university and even work (or bumping into a stranger) and usually there was not much variety or even choices!!

We took what came our way! Suddenly, we were dating because really, there was nobody else on the horizon. Little or no competition. Oh how easy it was back then! Now it is overwhelming so many choices, but who is RIGHT for us?

Our experience and terms of reference on meeting a compatible mate, were based on only a few necessary elements.How often bad choices were made though? Often the engagement, the wedding and then starting a family were the predictable mutual goals until suddenly the magic was gone, or maybe the realisation that it was never there anyway. It was being in love with love, yearning to fulfil our destiny. All my friends are getting married; I better find someonewas often the lament. Or pressure from family and friends, why are you still single? making you feel like an outcast or alien!

Hence we have the highest divorce rate! Lust and anxiety are great buddies and drive us to impetuous decisions a manifestation of wishful thinking?

Unlike Dating Online – Your Matchmaker Will Match You With Others Suited to You!

The digital world and artificial intelligence then launched social media and dating online via dating sites at the world, and it morphed into a term used loosely even when just meeting a total stranger, not so? Dating sites!! Everyone is looking for someone to date, but what happened between meeting someone and actually finding love?

So we earnestly need to share this view that there are steps to finding love!! It starts by debunking the myth we fall in love with the most perfect other who ticks all our lists! Truth is love finds us!!

THE FIRST STEP WHEN SEEKING LOVE is to know the single landscape, the single scene (I purposely avoid using dating scene, because people who are dating are NOT in the scene, they gone!) which is your single community! With total and even overwhelming access to as many others you can cope with, you need to know who and what is in your specific community and what they seek too. Many are not seeking their forever after yet, for starters, and it is wishful thinking to believe because you like someone, they share the same wish, yet.

THE SECOND STEP WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT is exactly what we do we qualify the serious seekers from the not-so-sure, or maybe-thinking-about-it still, from the players, predators, users, abusers and let’s face it, crazies. Our database is then ready for accurate introductions to each other, based on qualified profiling and needs, in a safe environment and with total confidentiality.

We create a safe community for you to meet like-minded and compatible others on a safe, positive and supportive high-level platform. Likeminded others. A good start.

THE THIRD STEP IS BEING INTRODUCED to likely prospects from our qualified community (all with the same goals, even if maybe not yet on the exact same level, as trust issues etc., vary) and then engaging, meeting up and exploring!

Your matchmaker will find suitable others who will be attracted to you! You also need to know your market. A famous self-made billionaire said, find out what people NEED, and you have buyers! Become the product you know others will buy.  If you are a No-Name Brand, that is for cheapos on Black Friday, a sale gone mad. Your matchmaker is also your best friend, ally and personal promoter.


Listen to the Interview of our CEO Shannon