Why a matchmaker applies “human” skills in finding the right match during COVID-19 isolation

by Perfect Partners

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A caring and sensitive matchmaker is also an expert on profiling, understanding the human dynamic (men and women being vastly different), the challenges of each Generation Group, socio-economic group, lifestyle needs and aspirations for both the collective and the genders and then the individuals concerned. Past imprinting is often subconscious and a matchmaker who is also a coach can help identify bad patterns that serve no further purpose. No bot on a dating site can do this!

Without a background in human sciences, most singles only have their own “memory chips” from past experiences and relationships (that did not work out?) to inform them, and often stick to repeating bad patterns subconsciously, simply because they feel familiar – even if toxic or worse, “familiar” is what they know and less scary than the “unknown”! Your matchmaker has your back and you can relax and explore!

A matchmaker will offer introductions to well-profiled others that also meet each individual’s criteria as far as humanly possible, and encourage everyone to engage, meet, and connect with as many prospects as possible. Exploring is the name of the game. Then we start to see new beginnings with the RIGHT others, and finding THE ONE is filtered out by a natural process, when the heart-brain explodes with newfound feelings of attraction and can grow into everlasting love.

Safe dating, COVID-19 or not, dating should be meaningful, rewarding and fun

Your matchmaker, your agents of chosen personal introductions, know your social landscape, who is out there, who is genuine and will select the best matches for you.

And best of all, will protect against fakes, flakes, catfish, scammers or worse! Just be yourself – you are a divine entity and deserve the best! A safe and very confidential service further ensures confidence that when connecting with others, you only share personal and deep stuff at the right time (guided by your matchmaker if necessary) and if not ultimately right for you, you exit graciously without fallout and damage control. YOU LEARN HAVING CHOICES IS YOUR RIGHT!

When you are loving and loveable and open to learning, love can find you!

Finding love is not going according to a check-list. Your matchmaker will make sure she understands your needs and criteria, lifestyle and expectations, then you work as a team to make magic happen! Even if introduced to stunning others, it is up to the parties who meet to make it work. Nobody on earth can “give” you a partner, that is slavery, LOL! It is no guarantee they will also want (choose) to invest their all in you unless you know how to keep that attraction strong. Love is not “ownership”. Your matchmaker knows exactly what the “object of your fancy” wants, and can guide you in the fast lane!

And on a parting note- it is very sad that matchmakers are often perceived as a “delivery service” like an escort (paid) service – send me my perfect match- or “find me someone who will love me”…no, this underscores the fact that some singles actually do not even recognise that others are humans too, thinking they are merely here to appease their needs, NOW!

Love is a two-way street with mutual respect and grace, where both parties need count and are negotiated, otherwise, it can end in a settlement in divorce court anyway! When it starts well, it ends well and lasts until the end game.

Anybody seeking a rewarding and loving relationship needs to understand the human dynamic, the opposite sex (and no two people are ever quite the same, even times changes perceptions as we age, so that failed relationship 10 years ago should be but a faded memory, not what defines us). When you meet the RIGHT others, introduced by your matchmaker and coach, you have a golden opportunity to explore fantastic new opportunities.

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Fond Regards
Shannon and the Team