Dating in COVID-19 lockdown and time to ask “How will I know when I have met my perfect partner?”

by Perfect Partners

Right now the world is facing a new world and many changes and unsure of “what next?”. It may help to begin to accept that there is no ideal life with no problems, ever, and rather celebrate the fact we have the MEANS to solve problems! We cannot undo, unsee or unlearn events of the past 6 months, but we can reframe them! How have these events affected relationships? In fact, restart a whole new better future.

It has been a time for inner reflection on many sacred cows we call belief systems and habits, as we all seek a better future. A time to rethink our values and what truly matters? Our mortality is staring us in the face – do we want to live a better life before it is too late?

Shannon, our expert matchmaker services a niche market of professional and executive Singles, and apart from the usual number of “single and alone”, is experiencing a flood of enquiries from soon-to-be-divorced folks too! What cooks? Many are also savvy to the dangers of random dating sites and apps and know it is not for them. Where do they get the right help? Where to start?

Time may explain, but for now, it seems that being in isolation during the Corona pandemic with spouses or long term partners may have triggered many doubts. Not rushing through life on the eternal treadmill of “busy, busy”, has highlighted that many couples just were not really suited for “forever after”, made wrong choices, to begin with, and have been in denial and just “sticking it out”, or have realised their bond has burnt out and past its sell-by date. It happens. Now it is happening more often!

How will I know if I have met my soulmate after endless searches and no results while dating?

Shannon hears this lament dozens of times a day! Singles who are yearning to find love again or start over are often frustrated by overwhelming choices offered on dating sites. Not only so many false starts with a catfish or worse, often people are simply NOT what they seem. Are they delusional about who they really wish they were, or purposely misrepresenting themselves? Both scenarios are very scary and even dangerous red flags!

Why genuine singles need to understand basic profiling when dating during COVID-19 isolation

Our expert matchmaker knows there is no luxury of time for random dating! COVID-19 distancing is here to stay for a long time and singles need to make the right choices on whom they choose to engage within their search for a soulmate. For starters, profiling will determine whether a potential introduction is a good prospect or not! Be introduced to awesome others and cut to the chase!

People will ask: What? What is this? What has profiling got to do with loving it up? Nonsense! If I like the look of you I want to ravish you!

Shannon is a matchmaker with nearly two decades of experience and understands that many Singles do not really have a “framework of reference” on what characteristics, personalities, IQ and EQ (and even HQ – heart quotient) and more, like lifestyle needs, views and perceptions, dreams and expectations make for the very essence of the average human, as the very fibre and root of their individual identity.

No wonder most singles just go for “the look that turns me on” and allow themselves to be eye-blinded and fooled into falling in lust before they even know someone! Exactly what a charming and yummy predator (male and female) banks on when suckering them!

Shannon quotes a hilarious example not so long ago. A very lovely lady who was being successfully introduced to a number of very eligible and genuine bachelors and was so impressed she felt she could narrow her search “Gosh, all the guys I have met are truly awesome, everything I could ever want, but please don’t you have one with green eyes?”.

Did Shannon laugh or weep? Whaaaaat? Is that her framework of reference on what will ensure a fabulous future with a man who will be the father of her children and treat her like a queen forevermore? Or is it only the thrill and chase and fun in the bedroom that counts? Has that dictated her past choices and why now at 37, still single, with baby fever mounting, she is misguided more than ever? Sad but true.

And yes, Shannon understands that attraction is very important to the male of the species – libido is not possible if there is no physical attraction for starters. It is a huge relief though that this is different for every man, and individual “attraction needs” even though generic, still is an individual trigger. A canny matchmaker can guide and help find the right fit! BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER! One man’s forgotten is another man’s princess, so never stop trying ladies! Your matchmaker will amp up your presentation as she knows what the guys seek – heed and you will succeed!

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