Being Single can be awesome dating next time

Mar 16, 2020 | Dating Tips

Being Single Can Be Awesome, Work on Being an Awesome Date Next Time

by Perfect Partners

Shannon, matchmaker, and owner of two successful and longstanding dating agencies, listens daily to all the tales of woe that Singles share on their last failed romance or relationship, and even marriages.  They vary from truly narcissistic, abusive and mean, to traumatic and bad experiences, to plain boring and unfulfilling, and it is clear these Singletons are still hurting but want to saddle up again and have not lost hope of finding The One!! GOOD NEWS!!  IT CAN TURN AROUND!! BEING SINGLE IS “ONLY FOR NOW” – it is not a fatal disease!!

Even if single because of being widowed, divorced or getting over a long relationship, there are ways to do better next time and become irresistible to those others who are RIGHT FOR YOU!

There is though that “window in time” they are going to have to deal with the past and let it go, and exist as a Singleton all over again. ALONE AND SINGLE CAN BE FUN! What kind of Singleton do they choose to be? Sad, revengeful, angry, feeling unfairly treated, misunderstood and just plain lousy?  Yes, all of that and more!! It may feel like the world has ended.  But it has not …life will go on.

If you have wasted time, even years, wallowing in self-pity, or isolating yourself, or throwing yourself into a hectic work regime, or living vicariously through your children/friends/family and losing your own identity, help is at hand!!


Shannon has helped thousands of Singles over many years to be “date ready again” and it truly helps to have an expert matchmaker who is also a relationship and date coach helping to beat the dating blues!

Embrace your new Single Status and start BY LOVING YOU!!  If you do not make time for you, how can you make time for another?  If you do not like the way you feel, clear the baggage and get expert help in chasing the ghosts from the past, keeping only the good memories and the lessons learned.  Because that is life, we evolve from learning lessons!

If you do not like the way you look (especially if you let yourself go, and many Singletons do, as it is easier to eat another chocolate bar than go to the gym) join a gym, a dance club or adventure circle, even a matchmaking agency and start moving and feeling life flow again. Embrace new things, get a make-over, discover new avenues and let life fill your (single) days/nights with new or forgotten interests, and remember to always keep a balance!

Look up old friends, repair old friendships (you know many friends were neglected and pushed aside maybe?) and start learning to mingle again.  And with this comes new joie de vivre, sparkle and confidence and even better a happier YOU! Rest, repair, cleanse and even read a good book!


Do you look your best? Not the best you, your parents, friends, and family and colleagues love, but a new “audience” who is also waiting for new love to find them! “They love me the way I am” is not going to crack it if you are not getting the right attention from suitable suitors!  You want simply the best for you too, not so?? Not somebody else’s second-best discard or compromise!!

By joining a singles’ dating “e-club” like Perfect Partners (matchmakers who ultimately help fast track your dating experience) you get all the latest trends on what works when dating successfully. Having a well thought out plan, guidance on whom may be better suited for you (stop you from self-sabotaging by repeating old patterns, and expand your “framework of references” on dating is a must. It didn’t work before, did it?).


We share many secrets on what the OTHERS are seeking – because who knows better than your matchmaker, who counsels both single men and women on their deepest needs every day? It really is a no-brainer to try it on your own if you do not have a plan of action! Hundreds of dating platforms and apps attract, but then you need to be sure you make ONE GOOD choice out of an overwhelming flow of endless dates, and more, be aware of red flags and danger signs. Back in the soup again?

We are eagerly standing by to help you, and look forward to receiving your Personal Profile. Tell us about yourself and click on SUBMIT, you can be a call away from a life changing adventure! Please note, the utmost privacy and confidentiality ensures nobody but our matchmaker will see your details, guaranteed.