Dating In The Time Of Corona, And Living Mindfully With More Free Time To Plan

by Perfect Partners

Searching for love in the time of coronavirus and staying calm and carry on!! Do not become a victim of mass hysteria!

Over the past 2000 years of human history there have been notable plagues, and coincidentally, almost every hundred years or so, the most devastating plague being Spanish ‘flu in (January 1918 – December 1920) that took 100 million lives, origins unsure.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, quipped on 12th  March “It is dangerous to stop living life” and the strong message here is life has to go on!! It is a time humanity pulls together and reaches out to others, more than ever!!

Being aware and creative and applying basic rules of engagement, are pivotal. And this applies to dating as well!!  It is also imperative that mass hysteria is not spread by reckless and “unprofessional” statements on social media, leading to mass hysteria. Heed only the expert advice by professionals!


Thanks to technology, there are many ways Singles embarking on a quest to find new love, or nurturing the start of a new relationship, can still date/relate.  The mate part is obviously for couples already sharing personal intimate space, and if they are in it together, will see it through together. Communication skills will be the rule of thumb – more chatting, more video calls, and sharing live videos, as the article in the CNN link states, like a couple sharing a cooking experience by watching and sharing on their device screens, even if miles apart.


Like all plagues, this too shall come to pass!  Keeping a positive attitude and hope to burn in our hearts that we are all going to survive if we are cautious, Â can be seen as a time to be more sociable than ever, by not exposing ourselves recklessly, if keeping to the new rules of engagement.

Many people are now forced to work from home, or cannot work but confined to their safe private spaces, and yet, luckily, still have access to the world at large through technology!

The wicked and ironic thing is, Singles (and others) are finding they suddenly have MORE TIME on their hands!! This is a disaster in terms of making a living for many and keeping the pot on the stove, but it is also a period where we can all do things we never have time for, and one of them, is reaching out to our loved ones, friends and families – and even new love interests!! Even studying, learning something new, trying out a new recipe or reading a book, are all things we can all do by enriching our lives right now, with creative planning.


For those battling to find love again, or are so “alone” they have nobody to share little sweet moments with, can also talk to a Coach and do some e-coaching or e-learning that will empower them hugely once they step out again!!  Start planning your “dating by design and not default” now and actually be savvy and smart for the next time we are all hitting the social spots! It WILL come to pass, the world has not ended.

Our coaches, Shannon and Veronica   are available on phone (see sites for numbers) and email to help anybody who is feeling down in the dumps and needs a morale boost or a friendly voice. We understand the soul-wrenching double impact of firstly “having nobody special” and now being cut off from the crowd and other humans where one usually finds potential partners.

Our dating agencies are still signing up newbies eager to find love and meet new prospects, and still connecting couples who are finding ways to chat, communicate, share their daily lives and dreams – even if by remote control!!  Our expert matchmakers have many novel ideas to hare on beating this dating in isolation blues, please make contact, we are here for you!

In any event, we do not ever start a new contract term until our e-club members are actually ready to date, so “time out” is always credited.  Is that a good plan to get started now or what!?!  Be prepared, and be even better at beating the dating blues, than ever!!

Sending love and light to guard you and guide you, and love and life will still thrive!!