Good morning Shannon,

 So lovely to hear from you again and thank you for your beautiful message and always checking in with us on how we are doing in our new relationship – we truly feel you are much more than just a matchmaker and date coach –  you truly care way passed the mere dating service.

This year has been interesting, and some blessings have come my way too along with finding a super partner with whom I’m in a relationship now, thanks to your professional guidance on the dating game and finding love again. We have been dating exclusively now for 2 months and every day it gets even better as we adapt to each other. We are so pleased we used your dating agency!!! No more dating apps ever again – but then too, we do not expect to need any help anymore.

Thank you for thinking of me and I wish all of your perfect partners as wonderful an experience as what I had with your service.

Keep well, blessings