Dating culture is changing and new trends emerging as Singles seek a better dating experience

Is there a revolution trending in the way genuine and serious Singles are seeking relationships?!  According to news updates, many changes are happening as many Singles seek safe dating and genuine connections and are exhausted from all the swiping and assumptions.  The biggest stumbling block for most Singles is access “to their kinda people” and their preferred communities.

A new trend seen slowly gaining traction since 2022, is to research the dating services of a human-run dating agency or matchmaking service. Fees are negotiable and terms and conditions often apply, which is a reassurance to all that this is aboveboard and can have a high success rate.

Dating and Mental Health

It is also emerging that many moderators who filter content on dating apps (censor material in bad taste) are suffering mental health issues and even PTSD, anxiety and depression, as they are confronted with reports of sexual assault, violence against women and children, child abuse and pornography, homophobic violence and even rape and murder, never mind the cat fishing and scamming as they scan everything uploaded on dating apps carefully. What then is the end-user facing in their searches, the innocent Single looking for a date, who is merely seeking someone to genuinely connect with?

What used to be fun on dating sites is now no longer fun and Singles are seeking the services of the good-old facilitator of guaranteed, filtered and vetted personal introductions, the matchmaker!! Matchmakers in SA, also Matchmakers in Cape Town, matchmakers in Johannesburg and KZN, are slowly gravitating to this service daily.

Matchmaking in SA has been around for decades and we at Perfect Partners have built a good reputation over two decades for an excellent, caring and accurate dating service – offering compatible personal introductions in a one-on-one manner that is discreet safe and confidential, no internet, allowing our members to then choose to meet or not, and even discuss anything they are not clear on.

 Why Dating Sites Appeal to Some Singles

  1. Convenience and Accessibility: Dating apps and dating sites have gained immense popularity due to their convenience and accessibility with hundreds of choices to browse. Singles can connect with potential partners from the comfort of their homes, using smartphones or computers any time, day or night, even if there is no guarantee they are talking to a genuine person, so caution rules.
  2.  Diverse User Base: Dating apps attract a wide range of users, making it easier for individuals to find matches based on specific criteria such as interests, location, and preferences, trusting that the information given is genuine and not a catfish or worse. They then need to filter hundreds if not thousands of profiles themselves.
  3.  Casual and Serious Dating: Dating apps cater to various relationship preferences, from casual encounters to long-term commitments and it is no myth that dating sites favour hook ups. Users can specify their intentions, allowing for a more targeted search, whether polyamorous, monogamous, or other. Hence the owners of these dating sites need moderators to censor and remove anything in bad taste or illegal, especially with the growing realisation of the need to protect the mental health of users.
  4.  Technology-Driven Matching Algorithms: Dating apps often use sophisticated algorithms to match users based on compatibility factors, increasing the likelihood of finding a suitable partner. It is NOT really matchmaking based on human behaviour, needs and profiling and can be punching in the dark, which many discerning Singles have discovered, resulting in dating exhaustion and burn out.

Dating Agencies/Dating Service/Matchmaker in SA: 

  1. Personalized Approach: Dating agencies and matchmakers offer a more personalized approach to matchmaking. Professionals take the time to understand their clients’ preferences, values, and goals, facilitating more targeted and compatible matches.
  2. Screening Process: Matchmakers typically screen potential matches to ensure compatibility, taking into account factors beyond what might be visible on a dating app or profile of someone.
  3. Focus on Long-Term Commitment: Many individuals who turn to matchmakers are often looking for serious, long-term relationships, with people they are more likely to be attracted to from the get go. Matchmakers strive to connect people with similar life goals and values.
  4. Selective Clientele: Dating agencies often cater to a more selective clientele, with higher entry criteria (normal elements based on compatibility between two people) in terms of cost and requirements and cater to various needs, either basic, more filtered, more accurate and exact compatibility and more guidance. This can contribute to a pool of individuals who are genuinely committed to finding a partner and see this service as a genuine investment, a focussed undertaking, that can impact their entire future.
  5. A paid service for genuine single introductions: They are not paying for “love to be delivered on call”, but for a recruitment and vetting service with personal and confidential introductions, that protects their mental health, safety and wellbeing – and actually often results in finding their “forever after” without too much stress if they follow the guidance of their matchmaker and manage expectations.

Both dating apps and dating agencies have their advantages and drawbacks, and the choice between them often depends on individual preferences, goals, and comfort levels, but a matchmaker can help a prospective client define and refine their actual needs and separate that from wishful thinking. Some people appreciate the efficiency and variety offered by dating apps, while others prefer the personalized and curated approach of matchmaking services.

Where does a Single Person Fit in Best? 

The dating needs and criteria of the different Generation Groups are vastly different. Gen Z is emerging as a totally different culture, very averse to using dating apps it seems. Solo Dads and Single Moms have very different needs to the more mature Singles. Dating over 40 needs a whole different game plan according to the experts, and dating over 50 and 60 even more so.  It’s worth noting that the dating landscape is dynamic, and societal attitudes toward online dating and matchmaking may continue to shift over time. For the most current information, it’s advisable to check the latest sources or studies on dating culture and trends.

We would love to hear from you!! please submit your Personal Profile (it is not internet based but is seen only by our matchmaker) and we will be in touch if we can assist!!  Fees, terms and conditions apply so please be sure you have read our information.

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