Hi dear Shannon and team, thank you for the amazing magic you made happen –When I joined you early in 2023 I was truly sceptical I would ever find the right soulmate and I was exhausted from dating burnout – you were my last resort as I figured if I pay for an expert dating servicce I may just find The One…and I did!!! I also gave you a hard time on what I DID NOT want and I realise now it was fear of failure again!!  Dating in Cape Town was proving a problem because I was not finding my type of ladies. After two intros that didn’t grab me, I was prepared to give up on finding love but then you called me and told me not to throw an opportunity away, stop overthinking, and trust you by meeting RX who was keen to meet – and I did!! And it was love at first sight!!! We have been together now 3 months and every day gets even better as we are like awestruck teenagers again – you are definitely a gifted matchmaker with a genuine dating agency who cares and we want to share this news with everyone with a message: “No matter how bleak it looks never give up because tomorrow everything can change if you have faith!” and it is not about quantitty like a dating app, but quality in meeting the RIGHT soulmate…..magic!!! 

Love to you all,