Hi dear Shannon, I am so happy I have settled in and truly feel I have joined a community of awesome Singles and feeling so at home, no more fear factor on “what or who am I meeting?”. I have found my feet and pay much more attention to my dating style these days as I realize your profiling is not just slapstick but very accurate. Mindfulness is key! When I meet up with my lovely prospects, I am confident and comfortable because I feel I “know them” a little – the part I hate about dating apps is having to ask so many questions before you can relax – and knowing something more about someone is less embarrassing. I have given my new criteria too. Please find me, ladies from Pretoria and surrounds, ready to settle and may entertain a long relationship to settle and start a family. I feel more committed now and know I am ready!
Thank you for your wonderful service, I enjoy the profiles I receive! 

Fond Regards