Safety First with Dating Apps – Are you at Risk?

By: Shannon Davidoff, CEO and matchmaker/date coach MatchVIP & Perfect Partners

 Today we share updates from the world of dating online – and many of you may recall we brought this subject up last year. Some people laughed at us and thought how can dating be less than fun? Then the Tinder Swindler was the talk of the town/world and most Singles just took it as a warning to never part with money, especially to a virtual stranger, and thought they were sharp enough to run like hell if this happened to them….fact is, there have been many more scary things happening and finally it has become a hot topic.

Smart Singles turn to Dating Agency

When we advertise that our agencies MatchVIP and Perfect Partners are safe dating platforms for serious Singles, many people do not take it seriously – but we are deadly serious because we hear very traumatic stories every week from the disillusioned (never mind they also hardly ever met Mr. or Ms. Right – basically because dating apps use bots and logarithms, not real human recruiters) and we know many people are too embarrassed to report their close escapes, or worse.

So here it is!!

It is not just the bad manners, nor the sick jokes, the groping and inappropriate behaviour, sexual innuendos, or the lack of social skills or the obvious nefarious agendas and sly plans people cook up, it can be very serious. Online dating encourages people to hide behind a false identity and hide behind a screen. They and only they have the power to engage or ghost at their whim even after you are vulnerable and respond, with hope burning eternal.

The Shift Dating 2022

The latest intention to put a panic button on a dating app??? WTH!!!

And even more astounding, an app that can do background checks on people who get your attention? Sounds good until you realise they can access your information too!!

Maybe it can work in the USA but SA has the POPI Act and this is not so easy or permissible. Maybe they find a way, but I know for sure, many self-respecting Singles will not accept total strangers on a dating app being able to access all their private stuff on an app like RealMe or Garbo!! This means being able to do a financial check, criminal check and even if you on a sexual offender list, and anybody can get all your personal information.

In countries where the law prohibits access to personal information, the online dating sites will be forced, with legislation in the pipeline, to advertise that there have been no verification processes, background checks and that you become a user of the site at your own risk!

Avoid Dating Hazards

The good new is there is a definite swing back to using dating agencies and a professional matchmaker. Verification, selected admissions, profiling and admin carries costs, but it is worth it to know you have a dedicated team looking after your interests. And humans you can talk to.

Although they are talking here of the safety of the ladies, we also know many decent guys have fallen into the hands of female predators – they are just more subtle, more beguiling and can be so charming that men are taken in!

It is sad that something as normal and natural as seeking real love, which should be a deserved and God-given gift, or a love match, life partner or soulmate can become an alarming hazard. Especially for the less savvy and vulnerable. There are 10 million users on Tinder.

We hear many are abandoning apps, and this now affects the bottom line of the owners, so now they act concerned? The dating industry worldwide is worth some $6Billion dollars! And shares are dropping ……enjoy the article!!

  • 37% of dating-app users have reported someone for inappropriate behaviour
  • 63% have felt uncomfortable on a date initiated via a dating app
  • 33% have experienced harassment or abuse on such dates.

So yes, often members get tired of our warnings and guidance, but all the pros and cons of safe dating have been on our sites since day ONE!! We may not always find the best match (that is why we explore new prospects to see if we even resonate) but we sure do find the most likely match who is safe to date, even safe to share a future with!

Sending love and light and warm hugs until next week! We are marketing and recruiting for you!!

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