Dating expert, coach and Matchmaker Shannon says, FIND HELP!! Why struggle on alone? Who, what and where are you meeting really? 

If it is worth the millions of bucks to produce hundreds of shows on the dating dilemma, trending more than ever, then getting date coaching and even matchmaking help, is a no-brainer. It sends a message it is not easy but can be safe and fun and it does succeed when conditions are right… we all need to heed … help with dating is a fast track to succeeding at love! Ego, arrogance, fear, subconscious blockages, past trauma … and more, can be sorted!

Today we tickle your grey matter with a personal question only you can answer: what are your expectations when setting out of a “dating” mission?

Are personal and safe singles introductions with a Matchmaker the answer?

We are surrounded by eligible others every day of our lives. Is it purely lack of access to the right compatible others? Are we attracting the wrong others? Are we sure of our attraction factor to inspire the opposite gender to engage with us? Is it hidden fear? Is it time to invest in getting to know someone who has potential and explore further than a “hello”? What is the potential in someone worth exploring? If we even know what “potential” is? Is it a “keeper” or a hit and run?

We have access to social media and online dating sites like never before in history, which can be addictive in happily connecting with others, but why then do singles never really get past first base? We are still talking to a world-wide online site who wish to buddy up with us with a plan “ours meets yours” as they want a little of what we share. When we find the right solutions to implement, you will be the first to know!

Finding that love connection when dating

Personal introductions have worked for singles for centuries and is still the safest and most safe route to go (somebody knows them and can vouch for them) and we still push it home : Intro + Meet-up + Explore + Connection = Chemistry and if it does not, it is what it is, so what, at least the individuals have explored. If only the first two factors happen, why does it not proceed to the next level of interest at least? This why we strongly suggest you speak to our expert coach, Veronica!! She can be reached on

Sometimes we have to change what we are doing (including how we “do” our attraction factor, to get different results, learn to attract that which we desire!). Embrace new thinking, let go of the same old same old, and manifest your dreams so that expectations all round are easily overcome!! This is part of our service to assist!

Do not settle for “any old thing” or “best for now” and because what you get in the “open” or even “not at all” out there (even on platforms with millions of others) is not your cup of tea, does not mean there is not someone for YOU! There is someone – you DESERVE to meet!

Contact us today and find out how this ancient art can work for you too!