Dating Disasters? Where to Find the One? Who is Right for Me?

by Perfect Partners



Varsity days in the search Where art thou my love? is the cry from your heart!!

Dating burnout is very real! Dating cockroaches is crazy! Fakes and flakes abound, where are all the real people? The stress of trotting out on endless dates is exhausting – you cannot face another Martini or pizza with a stranger and do the small talk! You meet someone and it looks good until they open their mouths “ if not halitosis or bad teeth, maybe is the thoughts they verbalise, opinions and views that jar or jokes you heard ten years ago!!

Smart Dating – Up Your Game and Find the Right Others

Would you employ a bookkeeper because she is a sweetie pie and looks great behind the desk? Or do you recruit first, screen, assess and evaluate her skills so your assets are safe and well taken care of, the books accurate and up to date? Dating is like a recruitment agency, except you are a one-person band trying to do it all on your own! Why not approach a dating agency and matchmaker, who is an expert recruitment officer and can take your specs and mandate and find The Right One for You!! Your heart is your best asset, look after it!!

Matchmaking in the modern world uses state-of-the-art technology, it is not the old lady in a hole in the wall office any more, or the village matriarch who ds the negotiating and tells you who to marry, it is an agency who introduces their members (because an agency is like an e-club, and any club consists of people with the same needs, ideals and likes) personally to each other! Safe environment, well screened others, and truly cares about your future because your success is their success!

When You Are Not Date-Ready and Need Date Coaching?

How do you know you are date-ready? Are you sure you are even if you think you are? A matchmaker can guide in a day to be sure you wax the dating scene. A matchmaker will help you step up and show up for YOU, so your attract attention from the best potential prospects. It may be easy “a change in hairstyle or make-up. It may be tough advice too if you are told you need to lose weight or get your mind, body and soul in peak condition, but like tough love, it is maybe what you need to hear. You may be just fine too but overselling or even underselling yourself, because being your own brand manager never works!! You need a good PRO!!

Sure, your family and friends love you, colleagues admire you “fact is they have grown with you and know you”! A stranger needs to get to know you to feel any affection, and likewise, you them. How do you know you are doing dating right? For starters, you need your own individual personal branding (huh? Hat is this?) to attract your market if you are a No-Name Brand on the buy-one-get two shelf, sure, you will have takers, but then expect to get what you get!! If you want the best you need to be the best for your takers!  Worse, is anybody buying your brand at all?

Date coaching is the expert help you need, because your agency KNOWS what the those super singles out there are looking for!! Your matchmaker works with our date coach and you start to slot in where you belong, in the right club of likeminded others where you will be discreetly introduced. What can be more simple? Know the ropes because dating in 2019 is different to dating even 2 years ago!!  The competition is fierce, so brush up and flex those dating muscles and use a coach!

We would love to be your game changer, and look forward to hearing from you.