Dating Myths Debunked, Best Time to Date

Dec 10, 2021 | Blogs, Dating Tips

Dating Myths

‘Many myths exist of how ‘dating’ really works in the festive season…..and one is that suddenly a Prince on his white horse arrives and whisks you away overnight because it is silly season…or Cinderella arrives at the ball…….nooooo!! That is more likely to be a holiday fling!! Many Singles date during holiday times as this is the time to relax and let you hair down, but many are disheartened when a new soulmate is not left under that Christmas tree as expected!! It sucks to be single and alone when you want to date to find a loving partner,  be jolly and share good times!!

Being date ready all year round

As professional matchmakers and a trusted dating agency, we have researched and proved that timing is up to the individual and their positive dating style, confidence and dating plan, no matter when, where, why or how…….we prepare you well before you even start getting intros…and we work out dating by design strategy to suit your schedules and lifestyle needs….firstly, it takes time to even know if a new flame is even worth pursuing as often it is chemistry that eye blinds…and making a few new friends over a few weeks is as easy as everyday life and is fitted into your schedules…….we hold intros and credit you time out if you are unavailable……but keep up a steady pace!

Holiday time is date-time -“ no fear factor

Another myth is that ‘it wil be better next year” …oh my, never! People are suddenly thrown back at work/studies and new challenges after a break, and it is even more chaos … the secret is to maintain a steady pace ….there is no “best time” except the NOW……we find everyone suddenly realises they all alone in the holidays and want to join at the last moment …….by then the early birds already have plans and are having so much fun …….so it is wise to get started sooner, do your exploring even if you only look at profiles and let us know the WHEN …..then we have a working plan.

Your dating agency works with you

Much is also learnt from our guidance and you are far more empowered to manage your new social life …..and it is not like Tinder, LOL!!  Our kinda guys are not desperate (we avoid those types to give you a safe environment) and ask to meet with grace and good etiquette ……so you feel comfortable and not thrown in the deep end. We do the swiping for you and find truly compatible matches who also wish to meet YOU, half the battle won!!

Every New Year also starts with a huge amount of newbies wanting to join us because they did NOT find a soulmate or new partner to kiss under the mistletoe, or to see in a New Year together…..or they are horribly disappointed in love and hasty decisions……and then it is usually February by the time they get actually going ……for heaven’s sake, let’s get to Valentine’s Day with a loving partner then!!

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