The Dating Game

As a brand New Year starts many Singles seeking love again are rethinking their dating strategies and have kicked 2021 to the curb, determined to try something new to transform the “yearning for love to finding love” for real, by doing something different. This is the only way we get different results!

Many humans have suffered through the changes in socialising and dating styles during the pandemic. Isolation often means people have had a chance, away from the noise of offices and friends, pubs and clubs and networking, to really ask themselves what they truly want, what their true purpose on the planet is. They wonder where to start over with the real chance of beating the dating game at its own game. Maybe talking to an expert Date Coach can help – a relationship coach has much experience to share – and even better when a date coach is also a matchmaker they see all sides of the dating scene, because this dating guru works at the coal face of dating experience in the now with real humans, not robots or dating apps!!

 Alone?  Single? Dating not Working?

Shannon, CEO of SA’s leading matchmaking agencies and a Date Coach has the possible to solution to curing and beating the dating blues! With many years of experience in researching modern trends in the dating scene and the dating/relating/mating habits of modern Single men and women seeking a “forever after” and a soulmate, one thing remains key:  That is meeting the RIGHT prospects!! Sadly, with dating apps, online dating and hundreds of dating sites, it is very challenging to know who and what you are meeting!  Dating online offers many choices and may be overwhelming, so how do you work out a decent dating strategy? Some lucky Singles seeking love may hit the jackpot after long trials, but most Singles end up back in the dating pool. There are no quick fixes to meeting exactly what works for you – unless you consider using a matchmaker who does the ‘swiping’ for you after getting to know you!! Our matchmakers are also relationship coaches who have heard and seen it all and may have the answers.

Back in the Dating Game? Where to Start?

When we are job hunting we approach a professional recruitment agency. When we need medical advice we go to an expert. When we invest in an asset like a new car or house, we seek out the best agents. Is it not then a no-brainer when we seek the MOST important asset of a lifetime and happily set out to find a soulmate without expert advice? Why do we believe that love is just waiting?  Love is many things to different Singles, but if an investment of the heart and soul is important, investing in the most important asset of a lifetime requires serious planning – exactly – where to start?

Matchmaking is alive and well in South Africa.

Genuine and authentic Singles still prefer to meet organically, and that is fine if you are under 25 – there is plenty of time and many Singles everywhere to meet! As we get wiser and mature, we realise that every individual on the planet is different, and it is not just the hunky guy or foxy gal that will necessarily be your fairy tale romance! A matchmaker has people mastery, compassion and understanding your needs!! They are good profilers and can assess potential in their clients in order to facilitate introduction and find the most compatible matches, in a safe dating environment with utmost privacy too!

Please complete and submit your Personal Profile if you are curious about a bespoke and expert dating agency, we are standing by to explain the next steps and costs! Change up your dating experience and meet awesome Singles waiting to meet you!!

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