Dating Scams, Flakes and Fakes in Covid, Matchmaker Warns

We are a personal service dating agency and very safe as you are talking to real humans, not bots or catfish.  We always research the latest dating trends and we have an updated international and local link here of great interest if you are not safe with a professional dating agency. With restrictions imposed by Covid-19, many Singles out there are overexposed and maybe more eager for human contact and take many risks, not in their own best interests. Paying a fee to subscribe to a personal matchmaking service with a professional agency may save you much blood, sweat and tears … and hard-earned bucks.

Dating By Design And Not Default – Sharing Red Flags With Online Dating

We’ve compiled a guide on how to detect and protect yourself from fraudsters online or even on dating sites and also applies whenever you have a dating interest that appears to be a great prospect in the love game. Especially now during COVID times which comes with new restrictions and new dating styles, it will be useful to all our readers on always being aware and dating safely, in more ways than one!