Even Covid Cannot Stop Cupid – Shannon Congratulating Our New Couple

Jan 8, 2021 | Testimonial

AHHHHHHH!!!! AWWWWWWWW!!!! BIG SMILES!!!! ….and a little tear of joy! Oh wow!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! AN AUSPICIOUS START TO 2021, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even Covid cannot stop Cupid!

How awesome dearest Brian, I was holding thumbs because I could NOT imagine it was NOT a great match – knowing you both, and all three of us being cut from the same cloth, more or less, I believe we all just resonated and got it right!!

All we needed was the (and yes, thanks to Covid, hee hee, that was possible!) and I can only imagine you both have just scratched the tip of many treasures to come because you will unfold more each day as the glue sets ……and in this case, I see a union of mind, body, soul and goals and dreams …….a creation of immense beauty as two souls blend and take life on, always positive and totally living with consciousness!!!

You are BOTH a real catch, rare unicorns, and destiny did the trick…..I was merely the catalyst, and I am humbled and feel hugely honoured. I realise the depth of this new bond and its far-reaching outcomes as the days, weeks, months and even years will unfold as they should, step by step!

I send barrels of happiness, humour, enjoyment, love and light…..and yes, sad to see you go but if you stay in touch, I have then not lost two good “friends”……I do value that enormously!! I have grown so fond of you – you are awesome humans!! Way beyond instant gratification, games and the mundane……..your spirits are ageless too.

…and yes, guys like you are very welcome, so please be a great ambassador…..there is the RIGHT someone for everyone, with application and thought!

HUGS to both of you!!

Fond Regards