Hi there, dear Shannon and Team.

New Found Happiness with my Dating Agency.

At last, I want to share my joy and newfound happiness!! My experience with your dating agency is seriously not just about ‘dating’  you guys are so spot on with every level of existence involved in actually finding love.

I admit I was terrified of dating!!  I wanted to be in love, find the RIGHT “object of my heart’s longing” (to use your wise words) and set out to meet prospects and explore was daunting because, as any sensible human, I usually want guarantees some success when I invest in anything. So I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt, even if it felt like so much effort with a bit of guarantee – until your wisdom sunk it – only I can drive and motivate outcomes, but firstly, I had to be sure of who I was and what I truly wanted!!

After trying every online dating site (which I was so pleased you are NOT because your dating service is very safe! My privacy has always been respected), I was getting the reputation of being a player, which was far from the truth. All I wanted was my true love, someone to love and cherish and give my all to and receive in return, but it just never happened.  Maybe I was fixated on the “eye candy” because my ego and libido simply cannot function without some chemistry. I realised there was so much more needed, but what?

I thought I knew everything about dating, the female mind and heart and was street smart (after all, I run a huge corporate and everyone respects and likes me) and believed I was a PRIZE to some lucky lady – until I realised I was an empty barrel going through the motions, projecting rather than working at it logically. I was too proud to admit I suck at relationships and dating and didn’t know what to do until you made dating so easy.

I realised that by doing nothing to change things up, the guarantee was I would get nothing! So I am not frightened anymore to put in the work and even be vulnerable – because the rewards are here!

My entire life changed this past year. I knew I had to change everything – even with no guarantee, I would get it right. I am so pleased I took a chance with you because your roadmap on successful dating has brought the answers to all my dreams. My yearning and love have found me – I am the most content man on the planet and happily in love, thanks to you guys. Most of all, I LOVE ME now and accept I am not perfect, but oh my, my life and heart are now perfect, warts and all.

Eternally grateful and sending you love and light to help others like me!!