After The Date – Finding Love and Keeping It

As the leading dating agency and four times winner of awards as Best Dating Service SA, our expert matchmaker and date coach, Shannon, the owner of our exclusive Singles e-club, shares some food for thought today! It is one thing to firstly be introduced personally to many genuinely compatible prospects, but when love finds you, how do you keep the fires of new love burning brightly?


Love Found Me with My Matchmaker

Our dating service has successfully connected thousands of members of our e-club over nearly 20+ years with optimal curated connections that truly worked – sensitively and accurately offering one-on-one introductions – and have thousands of happy clients as testimony. The hard reality being that if finding love was easy, nobody would need a dating service because nobody would be single or alone!

It is true some relationships are not meant to be, others outgrow each other, some were doomed anyway, and sadly some Singles just are not ready for a new start and do not open the doors to finding love – fear of the unknown, lack of confidence, narcissistic agendas (selfish egos and ulterior motives were lurking and psychopathologies abound) or simply a tendency to blame everyone else for their failures (even their matchmaker, LOL!). Your date coach can HELP YOU!! Resentment is a thorny bed fellow, never let is fester!


Safe Dating and Finding Love Is Just The Start

Why are there so many single men and single women out there struggling to find love again then? The answer is simple logic – relationships need to grow, be nurtured and the love-bond growing – if they do not last, what went wrong? If it was a hook-up just face it and move on, planned or not. Was it purely physical attraction and lust? There are many questions we need to ask ourselves.

It is one thing to suddenly hit the jackpot in the love games, but keeping your new love strong is another story altogether!! Shannon hears pleas for advice and help every day from new couples “so we are madly in love but what next?” because once the drug rush of chemistry starts dropping, the realities of every day life come back to haunt (career needs, family responsibility, life goals and just even getting through every 24 hours in a day in a frenetic world) and there are many new facets of a shared love to negotiate.

As many people are falling in love as out of love daily!! Breakups are inevitable if a couple then prove to not be as compatible as they thought – was it wishful thinking, fantasy or desperation that clouded the vision on what they expected? Or is the love real but the two parties are stubborn and stuck in old negative patterns that spell doom? This is where dating guidance is very useful.


Being Single Is a Circumstance of Past Failures

Circumstances mold and dictate the way we are today, but if we desire transformation and living with “new circumstances” then we have to embrace change with courage, compassion and respect. Experience then is wisdom to guide us on how to do get it right next time! If a breakup was ugly, painful, and traumatic, then a date coach can help with the reasons why it happened. Do we blame the other party, or do we stop to assess what negative role we played too? A breakup can be handled with dignity if it was just not mean to be – because it is essential to remember to never leave a shameful mess behind us – exit graciously or we may deeply regret later that we over-reacted!!


Negotiating Relationship Needs for Love to Blossom

Our expert matchmaker and relationship experts and coaches use the analogy of two celestial bodies colliding in outer space causing a fusion of nuclear proportions when we find new love, an explosion of stars and lights like the Big Bang when “two became one” – a new star is born!! But it does not end there!! It can disappear down a black hole!

Our entire service from beginning to end is based on maintaining healthy relationships, and we would love to help you find your Forever After too!

We would love to hear from YOU if you meet our very basic entry criteria!! We are very non-judgmental and welcome all sincere Singles to join our niche singles community. Please complete and submit your Personal Profile and we will contact you for a free discussion. Fees apply and we have budgets for all pockets!!