My Matchmaker and Dating Agency Made Magic Happen!!

May 9, 2024 | Testimonial

I want to thank you for all the help and guidance that you have given me over the last two and half years. Even though I am CEO of a huge corporate and street smart, the games of love were not doing it for me out there, until I joined your dating agency. As we walked this journey, I learnt more and more about what really matters in life and I have worked hard on my dating strategy – you are a brilliant matchmaker and your guidance as a date coach is always kind and upbeat. Thanks for sharing my tears of sadness and of laughter. What numb skulls we are sometimes, LOL!

On the 28th February 2024 you sent me the profile of XY, after a few other lovely intros I tried. As you know I did initially raise a concern but after a good conversation with you and encouragement never to assume, I accepted your judgement and that you thought XY and I could be really good together. Well, you definitely got that one right. Having met XY I immediately knew that she was a gem, that flawless blue-white diamond that is right for me. What I can say is that I was useless at pulling back as suggested when I got impatient. I just did not want to but I did listen and allowed bonds to build slowly. I did take your advice though on giving her plenty space.

I have just spoken to her this evening where she gave me the news re her conversation with you earlier today. What I can say to you is that was the best possible news I could have received today and thank you from my heart for assuring her of my intentions, and hers on me. I feel exactly the same from my side so I can confirm that I am not going to continue meeting other ladies. I also want to be completely focused on XY without the distraction of other profiles.

What I would like to do is thank you hugely for introducing XY and I to each other. I am completely convinced that I will never be talking to you again professionally, sorry but it is true. I will share our success story to many others, hoping that other singles trust the way in which you work and how professional you are as your dating agency goes beyond the call of duty. I hope to rather talk to you in future about XY and I being a real success story in how to create a meaningful long-term relationship and will share our news with you regularly.