Finally Facing my Fear of Dating thanks to my Matchmaker

Mar 6, 2020 | Testimonial

Thank you from my heart, Shannon and Team, I thought I knew all about the “dating scene in the 21st Century” as I do not suffer from lack of attention, it just always seems wrong and ends badly. I soon learnt I was applying all my negatives (fear really?) and self-sabotaging my wonderful new opportunities to explore on your safe and very professional single’s platform. I thought about your question… then why do people stay single if so many choices out there? … and realised that maybe I keep choosing the same “types” over and over, and keep getting the same (poor) results … like all the psychology research says, we as humans will choose what we are “familiar with”, even subconsciously because it is all we know (even if bad for us) as it is deep imprinting, and all we have as embedded reference … until we learn something new… doing something different DOES get different results!

I have looked deep within and realised fear was holding me back from meeting awesome eligible guys, so I am now happily heeding your advice and exploring and expanding my “framework of references” and happily dating with confidence…making “new friends” is a natural process!

I see this now as an opportunity of a lifetime to find out up close and personal what and how many other awesome singles are out there (being on a safe platform and also getting an in-depth profile from you with many good “bargaining” aspects, like the traits of a “keeper”, a really authentic and genuine gentleman, or a truly deep soul mate connection …where I can look deeper and still stay almost anonymous in case “not for me” and still choose to exit, without emotional entanglement and involvement, with grace and dignity for all.

And you are right, it is a total myth that you are introducing anyone to their next lover or life partner overnight… everyone is indeed seeking this, but it can only happen by the natural process of attraction… you and I agree on this and therefore attraction must be present anyway before we even decide to invest in a new relationship. How logical is it to state”not my type” when I have not even met!!!?? Meet all my intros within reason, let it flow and take it slow is my new mantra because I can choose to stay or go!! Dayi!!!

Love you guys and my eternal appreciation for changing my life,