Why it is safer to use a matchmaker

by Perfect Partners

The Wild, Wild West of Online Dating Nightmares

The year for new beginnings!! 2020 has seen an unprecedented movement in the dating world, with many more savvy Singles turning to reputable dating agencies, matchmakers and date coaches after vulnerable Singles have burnt their hearts online, or worse. There is an epic determination to date by design and not default! Can we trust a stranger with our personal information, for starters? This is witnessed here by links to recent articles from W24 on the trending news of current “dating” affairs. Or is it people only want affairs? These are only two of the stories we find daily, and want to warn genuine Singles to heed the advice of all the experts on the important, life-changing matter of finding love again – your “forever after”. Thank you W24 for really eye-opening and shocking stories:

Valentine’s Day 2020 and Never Lose Hope – There Is Someone Right for Everyone!

LOVE IS IN THE AIR – THE MOST CHEESY AND ROMANTIC DAY OF THE YEAR, VALENTINE’S!! and time to be silly and reckless… but? what if you are alone or have suddenly been dumped?

When Shannon, the owner of the two leading exclusive dating agencies, matchip.co.za and perfectpartners.org.za, for serious professional singles who value dealing directly with a matchmaker and a Date Coach, was asked to give some expert tips and encouragement on the eve of the most romantic day of the year, Valentines Day, she shared the following:

IF YOU HAVE BEEN DUMPED BEFORE V DAY: this is not uncommon although it is very painful and devastating! Stop to think!! Maybe that person dumped you because they knew they were not able to commit, was leading you on with false expectations! Maybe, maybe they just do have a conscience! You actually had a lucky escape and it could have been much, much worse!! Lesson Learnt, be very careful who you choose to invest your heart in!!

Just like all players with evil agendas, promises of holidays, gifts and best of all, a wowzer of a celebration for V Day that promises to make your head spin, was never going to happen! Maybe they got what they wanted already, and off to the next vulnerable victim!! If someone truly has good intentions there are ways to be sure, and one of them is KNOW who you are hanging out with, get some background, and even better, with a dating coach protecting you, get an expert opinion – us Date Coaches see and hear the most terrible stories!

One of the worst scams we have ever heard of, with subsequent therapy and much counselling and date coaching (to get the victim to trust themselves and to improve their dating strategy) was a lady whose “lover” said he was buying a dream home for their love nest, sent pictures, a copy of the Deed of Sale, emails from the estate agents confirming it was a cash purchase of a few million Rand, a done deal. They chatted excitedly about the bright future they would share!

As he was (supposedly) on a business trip abroad and had transferred the funds to the agents (EFT provided) that would take a few days, he asked her to pay the cash deposit of R500,000-00 so they did not lose the sale, and he would refund her when back. DUH?

She never heard from him again! And that was a total financial loss to her, her pension!! Nobody could trace any agents, emails, the property or “the lover and future-husband-to- be”. Stupid? No, fact is “being in the drug high of love” actually dulls our senses and makes us fools… as the song says, “only fools fall in love”… so our caution is, fall in love but KNOW the person is legit before you get intimate even, as it is usually too late by then, you are already sucked in and hearing what you want to hear, not listening to your gut! (And just a fact to share: when a woman is intimate with a man she sees it as the total gift of commitment, she has let him into her sacred garden – men do NOT see it like that unless he had to work hard for the gift! If intimacy is not an expression of undying love, it is just another sport.)


remember that you LOVE YOU! Of course, you do!! You are unique, a fabulous person who deserves the best, so why not treat YOU to a very special day!! We all need to love ourselves anyway before we can love another (if we don’t, how do we expect someone else to love us?) even if not perfect, know you are RIGHT for someone who deserves you!! Your good energy will turn into a love magnet and your positive vibe will be irresistible!! Treat yourself, and have a rocking day and manifest … next year this time I will be with my “forever after”… and start dating by design (not default) and set out to meet and be introduced to your kinda others!!

We are standing by to hear from you, the year is young and your turn is coming if you have a really good dating plan!!

Shannon and the Team.