Thanks, Shannon for all you have done!! Your guidance and support have seen me go from a rather clumsy “dater” to a much more confident and happy man! The “dating” landscape has changed over the years and I am more relaxed in this new-age single landscape – not for the faint of heart. You made all the difference.

I am blushing, impossible that LM has an opinion of “drop dead gorgeous” actually after our actual meet. that is reserved for my boys who really are handsome in everybody’s opinion. I can be nothing less than myself, and I am not one of those smooth operators. Some of my dating experiences were rough on my soul as I felt I was not measuring up to all those smooth guys out there, or I was expected to be seen as a trophy or an “accessory” for the pleasure of others. Everything has changed now!

Ohh yes – LM is definitely serious about this. and finding me attractive is not going to hurt us going forward.

She really is another one of your superb ladies. When she arrived at our first meet I was in real awe for while, a bit dumbstruck at her beauty and very prominent presence (wow!), style and energy. But clearly so honest, soft, considerate and sensitive a person! She is also feminine which is refreshing for a man like me who celebrates the feminine, strong and independent type, and still does not lose her utter grace and charm. Soon afterwards we just could not stop talking and sharing. Very comfortable together and I turned confident and extravert – this was something very good and very new to me… I could just be me and my hero has kicked in (I thought it was dead).

The attraction and respect I immediately had for her totally surprised me. You are so right, never mind the lists, the do’s and don’ts, the “what is in it for me” because if our vibrational energy is matched, it is as natural as breathing, and love FINDS US!!!

Kind regards and keep up the good work, you never fail to amaze.

Your best supporter