How to Use Your “feminine Power” to Win at Love

Dec 1, 2019 | Date Coach

How to Use Your “feminine Power” to Win at Love

by Perfect Partners

Veronica, official relationship Coach for Perfect Partners shares this secret: Women are extremely powerful in relationships. They literally have the power to make a relationship ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’. But they often don’t realise it! This starts with understanding men, and how differently they think and behave to the way women do. And then working with this, not in a manipulative way, but with a combination of intuition and common sense, to create a great relationship.

A man is dazzled, awestruck by the mystique of the feminine divine – in admiration for all the things that spell ‘I am Woman’ and feminine power – albeit AFTER he has first been attracted ‘visually’ and likes what he sees. Physical attraction is key we know, and luckily attraction is different things to different folks. And not always just the ‘outer’ but the ‘inner’ is vital too. A warm, positive and friendly personality is approachable, for a start.

And this comes to the ‘normal’ qualities eligible and sincere men are seeking when talking to Shannon – please no drama queens, bad tempers, sulkers or aloof or selfish types. A lady who is balanced, healthy, feminine and in good shape, playful and fun to be with, ticks all my boxes for starters. I love an independent and strong lady who has a good mind a good humour. Intellectual stimulation is key too. But never in a ‘masculine’ way please. I am not looking for a competitive buddy or someone to dominate or manipulate me, I live in a man’s world all the time”.

Men Love a “strong and Independent” Lady if She is Not “masculine”

Shannon, an expert matchmaker for upmarket Singles, of nearly two decades, has good news to share! Almost every hopeful eligible bachelor seeking his dream lady and “forever after”, all ages and cultures, asks her to please introduce them to “strong and independent ladies”. WHAT??

At first Shannon was very surprised, “WHAT?” … …….well long story short, men also enjoy mental stimulation, love a quick mind and wit, and admire a lady who has positive opinions and views and is great company and makes him also feel desired and appreciated……..Veronica’s video shares more of the secret to finding your power!

The Power of Love Triumphs – Feminine Power is Being Loving and Loveable

There is nothing more powerful than a sweet smile, a gracious request, an appreciative “thank you” to get your man from zero to hero in seconds. All a smart lady has to do, is ask nicely. Real men want to cherish the female of the species, make her happy, and fulfil his “job” of being her hero.

Veronica’s video has a strong message and she is standing by if you wish to contact her. and please complete our online profile on this website and submit, we will contact you for a chat on how it works! Looking forward to meeting you!