From Lonely To Love – From A Fling To A Ring, The Secret To Dynamic Dating

by Perfect Partners

Shannon, owner of two high-end personal boutique matchmaking agencies and a Date Coach (with a success rate between 62% -73% when clients understand the process) shares a secret and agrees, NOBODY is talking about it!! Because nobody knows!! Because the majority of the adult human race fails in love and matters of the heart and will not admit it! Nobody wants to admit failure!

With nearly two decades of experience at the deepest level with thousands of singles, Shannon explains. When no love interest, people are often at their lowest ebb. When they get real they often drop their facades and reveal their most vulnerable Self in a desperate bid to find lasting love.

Shannon agrees with many global experts (sociologists, anthropologists, theologians, psychologists and coaches etc) that in order for real love to take seed (love that is kind, loyal, supportive and respectful, compassionate and selfless and FUN) must have a healthy and fertile bedrock/foundation in order to germinate and thrive. An open and “unblocked” heart.

Let the heart-brain guide the conscious mind-brain to make good decisions and choices. The need for love is a huge “levelling agent” as whether kings or paupers, love does not discriminate, it does not serve ego. Love finds us – when we ready.

Now that sounds boring doesn’t it? What they talking about? Nothing beats the thrill of wild abandonment, basic instinct, hormonal urges, moonbeams and roses……or whatever is the trigger for most Singles….fetishes, kinky, endless conquests …..the list is endless……even ego trips!

When Seeking Love, Love Is Simple – People Are Complex Says Matchmaker

Veronica is so right! The conscious part of the brain is seeking answers on the surface. People go to therapy, do courses on how to win at dating (even learning good pick-up lines! To dress to kill, and going for make-overs, and more) and that is like putting a plaster on a festering wound!

The most perfect “dating style” is useless unless the heart is ready. Advice abounds like……”10 Things To Get A Man Interested….” ….And all the rest!

The conscious mind is using a “cover up” for the root cause and not curing the symptom – the need to understand the true cure to being alone and single and finding love. Understand yourself! Recognise your patterns, good and bad. Break down the walls.

The subconscious mind has a section called the “Reptilian Brain” – reactions based on learned patterns and behaviour of basic survival. This primitive instinct will ask, “Is it pain or pleasure?” and react as it always has and only knows how, from habit. And the pattern of always making the wrong choices, trusting the wrong people, avoiding the real issues, will remain the huge part of the “iceberg” below the surface and informing the conscious mind, even if not the RIGHT path of action!

The Sad Truth – Our Role Models And “Teachers” Knew Nothing About Love!

When we admit that 90% of the human race were never taught about happy relationships from a young age, when the subject of sex was taboo, when mating and relating were the “unmentionables”, we begin to understand. Who can honestly say their parents truly were happy and in loving relationships? The high divorce rate is the sad proof, our role models failed us. It is painful to start with this honesty. Were any adults, mentors, teachers, really honest or brave enough to explain beyond the basics of the “birds and the bees”? We had to stumble alone! Bad patterns formed!

Nobody want to admit they fail at love, but do they really fail? It may not be them but repeating patterns, so finding out is the first step – how “good or bad” are you? Insecurity and fear of failure can MAKE us even fail!

Everyone understands desire and obsession can cloud the mind and heart even further!

What subconscious survival instincts then formed us from childhood through adolescence? How to understand and cope with the human need to be openly loving, loveable and honest about our feelings and needs, including a healthy attitude to mating and sex. And even breeding responsibly? Fulfilling natural desires. Desire is not evil. It is inspiring.

Very few people have not had some loss, tragedy, abuse, fear of disapproval or abandonment. Even trauma and pain from the start, real or imagined, and the best way to find these blockages, is to rewind and rewire the patterns to more positive coping levels!

So while we love matching compatible and awesome singles, how do we break the negative patterns of repelling and even avoiding, the abundance of real love? Rushing into disaster? Missing great opportunities?

Start a conversation today and you will find it is not scientific mumbo-jumbo and boring, but what is buried in our own minds and hearts, for real, and let us “out” this ignorance and beat the dating blues!! Simple, when you see the wall you can break it down! We would love to hear from you!! Open your heart, learn the secrets to succeeding at love and contact our Veronica – free your mind and then let us match and introduce you!! Love is dying to find you! No agendas, no games! Simple!