How has Lockdown affected our dating?

Mar 31, 2021 | Dating Tips

Lockdown & Dating

by Perfect Partners

Singles around the world are finding a matchmaker is their best bet, best friend and are saving much anxiety with good advice and support! By investing in each other, you and your agency are a major force! Of course, even on this platform, there are fly-by-nights and less than professional dating agencies, so the only way is to go with an agency of your choice after researching options and approaching a trusted brand like Perfect Partners.

Matchmakers Around The World Are Busy – Singles Want The Experts on Their Side

Many respectable and well-branded matchmakers (the really professional dating agencies and date coaches) see an increase in clientele from the Single’s community who truly want results in finding love again. Frivolous hype around dating for fun and getting nowhere has become stressful.

Many Singles are seeing their future from a more serious slant and are prepared to invest in professional dating experts to help them find love again.

Many Singles looking for the real deal in love are even meeting a few others at a time (if possible and feasible) and taking more time to get to know one another, savouring the new connection more genuinely and letting the heart guide and not the old “laundry checklist” or flush of oxytocin that overrides all common sense………as opposed to grabbing the first “maybe” and believing it is the real thing.

People want and need human connectedness like never before, want closeness (and now safety is also expanded to include our health) and are enjoying real interaction, not just skimming the surface like bugs on a pond!!

People are even prepared to settle for friendship if it is not the “Forever After” love …..and this way love is finding them too……because the barriers are down and the door is open.

First Dates Can Be Awkward – Expert Guidance Makes it Fun

There’s never really been a time when heading out on a first date wasn’t completely nerve-wracking; an ordeal that can sometimes feel about as much fun as a job interview.

Many, many Single people – who have been rattling about at home for more than a year now and burnt out from trying all the online dating apps, admit that their interactions with the outside world have become curiously flat.

Fear of Dating When There Are So Many Risks –starting Over
An apparent 77% of those currently pursuing online dating feel anxious about heading out on a face-to-face date, while 78% feel as if they’ve forgotten how to date IRL due to lockdown. Your matchmaker completely gets it.

If you are facing any fears about getting out there and dating, please contact our professionals for guidance! We invest equally in YOU!

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