Matchmakers Are The Best Choice For Finding Love In South Africa

Aug 3, 2018 | Blogs

You’ve been on a dating app or site and found out that there are lots of people but also lots of headaches. It’s like a 2nd job constantly answering messages, and when you ignore someone, they become rude. You have actually met a couple of people only to find out they were not who they appeared to be, or they just wanted sex. You’ve had enough of your time wasted. As it turns out you’re not alone. Lots of women in South Africa who are fed up with dating apps are turning to professional matchmakers. The big news is that matchmakers are the best choice for finding love in South Africa.

Why is a matchmaker the best choice ?

First off, its easy. You just join our exclusive dating club and become part of our fully vetted database of selected singles. Different than dating apps, everyone is exactly as represented. You are already thinking this great as all that work of finding someone and figuring out if they are real has been done. And on top of that, they are actually seeking a relationship not just sex.

Let’s be clear though, a matchmaker is your personal representative who introduces you to well-matched singles. And of course, we’re not human traffickers or Dial-a-Date for the night. We will guarantee you matched introductions for an intro service fee. We can even custom tailor a budget to meet your criteria and individual needs while still meeting your dating expectations.

What does it cost ?

There are certain realities to dating that a lot of women don’t sometimes think about. As it turns out very few people know what it actually costs to date and find love. When you calculate the real cost, a matchmaker now looks like a bargain. That’s in real money not even considering the value of all your lost time and aggravation.

As it turns out a recent article in a well-respected dating blog, My One Amor, put a monetary cost on the process of finding love. You need to read this article about the actual cost to find love. You’ll be stunned !

What does the matchmaker actually do ?

First off, we are your mutual (virtual) friends. Once we get to know you, we will introduce you to our other friends with the shared goal of finding The One. We’re like your own personal dating club with exclusive introductions that are matched to your needs.

From our side, we spend a significant amount in both advertising and man hours finding new people to be a part of this exclusive network. No one person could ever accomplish what our experienced team and resources can. Think about that, all of this just for you to help find love. Now you can see why matchmakers are the best choice for finding love in South Africa.

The other part is we are the most trusted name in matchmaking in South Africa so people want to join us due to our success rate and we have lots of singles just like you. We have learned with years of experience how to recruit the right singles and make your experience successful.

Time is Money.

You already know how much time and aggravation the whole online dating process is. Imagine a team of people working 60+ hours a week finding someone for you.

Think about it another way. The more people who participate, the higher the odds of success and the economy of scale that this creates. You pay a fee and because so many other people are a part of our dating club it is only of fraction of the actual cost. And it works !

But more important than the cost is that we care about You ! We genuinely want to find that right person for you. We will do our utmost to attract what you want, your soul mate.

Back to cost and a real-life story.

A while ago a gorgeous and stunning guy (very open and not too picky), who became a client, shared with us that he had spent nearly 200,000-00 bucks on dating in a year! He wished he had come to us sooner as it cost much less for us to find his match.

Sometimes people, like this gentleman, get caught up in the dating lifestyle. Constantly going out eating sushi and drinking champagne. It becomes more like a competition than dating. His story is not unique as others have spent much more.

The moral of the story is it is never quantity but quality that counts. A man living life about the town pays the price for that lifestyle. But it didn’t matter because he had nothing to show for it. Being single for years after trying so hard is surely a waste of your life energy. It becomes a not so cheap free-for-all.

Are you worth the cost of investing in yourself ?

The other side of the coin is some people just seem to not want to invest in the best for themselves. Isn’t finding love a good investment ? When you get right down to it, investing in a professional matchmaker is great because you save money, time and find love. We all want a soul mate but some of us have become frustrated because the dating process has not been working. Let us fix that for you today !

All I can say is don’t ever feel that you are not worthy enough. Invest in yourself, trust a matchmaker, and find love. We can also give you a whole new make-over and advice on what works. Things like a new wardrobe, join a spa or gym, get a new interest, learn new things, find out how very eligible you really are. The One for you is out there!

We do love all those awesome singles who invest in us and trust us. We are so honoured and love finding that special someone for you!

We hope you will join and let us create a fabulous dating experience finding the ONE. The initial consultation is free and includes one dating coach session. Now you can see matchmakers are the best choice for finding love in South Africa

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