Good morning Shannon,

I hope you are doing fantastic

Thank you for another very informative and enjoyable newsletter………and yes, the truth is sometimes hard to swallow but if people are not getting the successful outcomes they expected, then someone has to help them with the HOW, WHAT and WHEN to up their game on a scale of 1 – 10, and we all do need constructive critique at times!

I think members who take your articles “personally” really have to do some soul searching, look at their self-image and they will find that the articles can only assist to look at our hopes and dreams in a very different light… not an easy exercise but certainly necessary, no soul mate is going to drop out the sky … and I know for myself, I have loved your guidance and my dating experiences have hugely improved and still going strong. I am even about to renew my contract as I feel you are ALL SUCH A GREAT SUPPORT SYSTEM AND PART OF MY LIFE!

Please supply me with the lady that does the profile pics again…….. thanks a mil J

Also please look at my profile info and give me some feedback whether I have enough details needed to portray me as a person and someone that are looking for that Mr. Right and a long term fulfilling relationship……so we can give this another twirl. I have been doing corporate doing for some time before joining you, and honestly, there is NOBODY and nothing nearly as expert, kind and caring as you guys – truly professionals match makers.

Us executives dating out there also need assurance we are safe as we have much to lose if we associate with the wrong people who may have nefarious agendas. I have learnt so much as a woman seeking a man, and that means the right man (and you have introduced me to awesome guys for sure, I just was not truly ready) and my whole “defensive attitude” has changed, and I can own it, I was doing it wrong. There are wonderful men out there!

Have a brilliant Monday and wishing you lots of blessings xxxxxx

Kind Regards