Hello my stunning Shannon! So good to hear from you and hope you are keeping well. Gosh, you have really had me out on some amazing dates in the two months since I joined (the best investment I ever made!) with very interesting and sincere bachelors, all pretty exciting and always gentlemen!

What a good looking guy and in such great shape for his age (which at first concerned me until I got to his pictures)! It is a definite yes from me, his profile reads very well… and look forward to making contact. He is only 12 years older and I realise I should stop limiting myself because of my notions on age! Age is indeed relative!

Geez you guys are keeping me busy, I have a coffee date tonight and then another one on Tuesday – and I am still in the “friend zone” with the three I recently met… all very different types of personalities but I am keeping the “window shopping” approach as suggested.

All my love and light to you my wonderful cupid.