Lets see if the universe is ready to spread The Love

Nov 12, 2018 | Testimonial

Dear Shannon,

Your articles are amazing! You condense a lot of info into a ten minute read and I loved your articles on … the truth will p*ss you off but it will set you free in this mission of finding love!

I am relatively new at this dating game in my efforts to meet eligible bachelors I can resonate with and hopefully share my love with one day and I am feeling very safe with you guys as you really cover every angle and make this so easy. After our few email exchanges I feel like I know you and I suppose you get that a lot. You are a blessing, a gift from the universe and I am so very grateful. Not because you are a saint, but you are so very honest which is surely difficult at times. I prefer this though to a “cover up” that makes me just feel good (or to pamper my illusions), which is just “icing on the cake”, but I know I AM safe because you speak only truths about this dating game.

The timing for me is right and I am ready for balance and that someone special. I am very fortunate to be blessed with a good and satisfying life and even more so with a happy disposition. My life is so fulfilling that I could live it on my own, however to love and be loved in return is one of the greatest experiences of life… so lets see if the universe is ready to spread “the love” around my life.

You create so much good karma that I feel it sitting so far from you.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.