Hi Inge and team

It has been two years and I wanted to give you an update…

I met R two years ago tomorrow and so much has happened since then.

When you sent me his profile I was very hesitant as I had been in a very bad space. I actually said no at first, but you twisted my arm. THANK YOU!! We met on a dark and stormy night and they just hit it off! Proof that one must be open to possibilities as anything can happen! I learnt NEVER to try and engineer things, destiny will happen as it should! Your date coaching and support saw me through many empty days, and it paid off!

We’ve been together since then, moved in together six months into our relationship and bought a beautiful house together this year and now have a gorgeous Great Dane puppy (June) to boot!

Although life has thrown some curveballs at us, we’re still going strong, thanks to you and the team!

I wanted to say thank you for bringing this amazing person into my life! Using Perfect Partners was the best decision I could have made!

Love, JM