It was barely some twenty-five years ago that the search for a love partner was organic and a normal process of life. It was a given that sooner or later love will blossom, and then the ring, wedding and picket fence followed – a ‘forever after’ match made in heaven!! Then, of course, you had to meet the Right One, and it was easier than today in a world that is app mad!

If you were single and seeking a new love experience, a loving relationship or a new love interest, it was still “boy meet girl” in the most natural way!  You fancied someone, and you felt a tingling interest (especially if they also showed interest and your heart was pounding and brain fused) and set out to allure, fascinate and impress and flirting came naturally!  Then you got to know one another and took your time phone calls meant you dialled a number and had a meaningful conversation. In many instances, you exchanged gifts, sent letters, cards and wrote to each other by email (and there was still the good old postman) and waited anxiously for a response.

Single men and women were meeting up and spending time together as the love bonds grew – you felt safe. You visited each other’s homes, met each other’s friends and colleagues, and everything was relaxed and friendly – perfect for the seeds of love to grow – and when you knew you were sure this was The One, you announced to the world, “I am dating!” and everyone knew – this may just be IT!!

You may have been lucky to meet at a friend’s party, or been introduced by family or friends or through your sports club or similar venue. You kind of knew who you were meeting and understood your community and your social scene. You felt safe, and you felt comfortable.

When Finding Love and Dating Turns Into A Video Game

Searching for love or a new love interest in 2021 is something like a video game!  Swipe left, swipe right, like or wink and game on! Every device with every digital dating aid is always at hand, literally an extension of the human body.  Every dating app and social media platform is part of everyday life, and many cannot function without their daily dose of digital activity becoming part of the human body – that devise is never far away and with you 24/7/365 for every latest update on the dating scene. But is this human connectedness? Is it delusional to fall in love with a digital profile with no guarantee of being authentic?

The problem now is it is overwhelming! So many choices? So much urgency and angst! But who are the people on these platforms? The internet is full of horror stories and dating nightmares, warnings to always be alert for less than scrupulous others, dangers and exposure that can traumatise or even ruin lives!

Bringing Back the Fun When Dating With Your Matchmaker

No bots, no dating apps, no speed dating, no punching in the dark – your matchmaker is an actual human who brings back the personal touch, knows the dating scene very well, and also knows YOUR needs and those of the virtual friends you are introduced to! Your professional matchmaker is a private dating agency and researches and maps out the best dating by design strategy, personalised to your needs. Infinite wisdom is a call away!

Shannon, the owner of Perfect Partners and MatchVIP, applauded as the leading and most professional dating agency in SA and even beyond, says that the skill of the expert matchmaker is valued more than ever as upmarket and sincere Singles truly miss that human connectedness, are suffering dating burnout and have little or nothing to show for all their efforts of dating sites. As a dating coach and relationship therapist, she hears many tales of woe, disappointment, broken dreams and heartache every day!

Your Matchmaker Invest Equally In Your Love Interests

A professional matchmaker is, in reality, a recruitment and outsourcing service. Not selling dates or love, but being a facilitator who makes things happen when two Singles are introduced, as organic as it gets, using technology for communication. A dating agency spends a fortune on finding the right compatible Singles who are potential matches and sifts through many applications, interviews and profiles every prospect to ensure you meet the RIGHT Single men and women you so desire! Confidentiality and privacy are essential, and you have the freedom to choose who you meet from the Single’s introductions offered – by the virtual middle man between two strangers that brings two compatible people together so they can explore possibilities, with guidance and coaching even.

Shannon explained that as a matchmaker, she does all the swiping and winking on your behalf. Many secrets are also shared on how to find love again, start over or date with a plan that suits you! She is an influencer and power user with far more impact than the Single man or woman going it alone, with powerful resources to tap into on your behalf. Best of all, time is not wasted! She is your wingman and best friend too!!

Even better, your matchmaker can help you be your best at dating – all included in one package. There are packages to suit all needs and pockets, even budget terms, so please do not hesitate to contact us today! Please submit your personal profile, and we will be in touch! The CONTACT US page is found on , and Shannon is standing by with her caring warmth to chat!