The Perfect Match

Hello Dear Shannon, and I couldn’t wait to share our good news!!

Oh boy what a week of magic and intense connection it has been with the gorgeous SS. She knocked me out of my socks from the second we sat down. I actually don’t even have the words to describe the level of gratitude to you guys for this perfect match – only my 4th intro and I am convinced we are perfect for each other.  My world feels complete since meeting her as we are just like mind readers – we KNOW what we thinking and even what we going to say before we open our mouths! This must be magic, destiny or what!

The best of all is that she feels the same way and together we have decided to walk our journey of exploring the planet of Soulmate adventures together. And tomorrow is my birthday! My year ahead gets off to a perfect start.

Thank you to Perfect Partners

To say that I’m excited is a complete understatement. I think this might just be another 100% match story for Perfect Partners. If anyone wants to call me I am happy to give a good referral.  I know how difficult it can be but your other members must have faith, finding love with the right person is not easy, but you sure have made my life easier despite a few disappointments.  Even those gave me insights on how to do it better next time …and look, I passed now with flying colours!

Love n hugs and stay in touch!